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Sep 10, 2020

Fiberglass R32 GT-R Shell from PanchKits

Fiberglass R32 GT-R bodyshell from Panchkits
Fiberglass R32 GT-R bodyshell from Panchkits

The R32 GT-R is a unibody car. That means there is no real frame, the whole car is a frame. There are subframes under the front and rear.  There are rails under the car, and a floor, but overall the entire structure under the outer fenders is the frame. 

Panchkits from Thailand posted a picture of this R32 shell fresh out of the mold. It is an interesting thing. Will be interesting to see what people use it for.  I have always said, if there is the desire for a part, the market will make the part. 

"Believe it or not it's cheaper to ship and make the kits here and ship them out to the world than to do so from the states. Our phone number is an international number which you dile by entering the international code plus our number. (+660840019054)"

Thanks Trey.

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cool so where do i buy one