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Oct 19, 2020

MotoRex R33 GT-R For Sale : Over 1000 hp : Twin RX6 turbos : Dry Sump

Twin Apexi - IHI RH6 turbochargers on an RB26dett engine. 

This MotoRex R33 GT-R just arrived to us at Toprank Importers in Cypress, California.  This is an original US MotoRex owner car. Over the years, its undergone a number of upgrades, and has made over 1000 hp at the wheels in the past.  The recent setup made 723 hp at the wheels on pump gas, and 924 hp at the wheels on C-16.  We think we can do over 1000 hp with a few tweaks, and a fuel switch. 

We will be doing some clean up, some repairs, and prepare it for sale soon.  Look for it soon at

723 on pump gas and 924 hp on C-16.  We think we can get another 100hp out of it on the top. 

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