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Oct 11, 2020

Engine Mounts : Nissan Skyline

RB26 in the #bluecar

The RB26 uses two engine or motor mounts, one each side of the engine.  The third attachment point is the transmission mount.  The OEM mounts are rubber, and rectangular in shape.  It is not uncommon for the hot side, left side mount to fail, and let the engine roll over to the right.

Nismo has reinforced engine, and transmission mounts.  We have used those in a number of cars. Honestly not something that I have ever noticed, or noted any difference from stock to Nismo.  The issue with stock and Nismo is that when they do fail, the engine can rock till it hits something, as there is no stop or safety.

Kein Engine Mounts for RB engines

Nissan Cefiro, LCA31, ECA31, EA31, CA31, LA31, A31
Nissan Crew, THK30, YHK30, HK30
Nissan Laurel, ECC33, HC35, HCC33, HC33, EC33, HC34
Nissan Skyline, HR34, HCR32, HR33, YHR32, ENR33, ER34, ER33, ER32, ECR33, HR32, ECR32
Nissan Stagea, WHC34
Make yourself really stiff with these KEIN reinforced engine mounts! These mounts are fitted with heavy duty bushes that help prevent shift miss problems that are quite often experienced with OEM engine mounts. These engine mounts will also help save your exhaust manifold from cracking by reducing engine movement during harsh driving conditions. Mounts hold the engine firmly in place at all times, allowing greater transfer of all engine torque through the driveline.

Replace OEM parts №:

1122002u01, 1122002u02 1122002u03, 1122099P00
11220aa100, 1122002u00 1123371L01, 1122091L00

- Eliminates wheel hop / traction loss
- Made out steel K02001 / K02502
- Street and track torture tested
- Polymer painting(all color)
- 65A Durometer rubber bushings
- 5 Years Warranty
- Bolts with a strength of approximately 50 kN.
Silver project Nissan Skyline RB26dett engine mounts

They call these solid, but anything with urethane isn't really solid, more like stiffer. 

Solid Engine Mounts for SKYLINE RB26DETT
Perfect for drag, drift and track days

Other informations:

  • poliuretane 63ShA
  •  -Kit includes Left and Right Engine Mount (2 in pack)
  •  -Helps Stabilizes Engine Torque
  •  Testing in car
  • -Better Drivetrain Response When increasing horsepower, engine torque causes engine to move excessively,
    thus placing extra load on the transmission and transmission mounts.
  • Also recommended in Sport and Drift.

  •  Fit :
  •  - Nissan

Nissan Skyline transmission mount

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