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Dec 17, 2020

RB36 : Billet Nissan Skyline Block

Bullet Racing Billet RB36

There is no replacement for displacement. Other than revs, and a turbo, nitrous, couple other things. ANYWAY, as far as the RB26Bullet Race Engineering has just posted some information on their 94.5mm stroke, and 90 mm bore RB, making it 3607 cc of displacement. Now the question is, will the head keep up with that much displacement?  The OEM RB26dett bore and stroke is 73.7mm of stroke, with a 86 mm bore, making 2568cc of displacement. 
In another World first Bullet would like to introduce the #RB36!
Due to popular demand we now offer our World Record setting #RBx Drag Extreme platform in a water jacketed version.
The RB36 Street Extreme comes in 3.2 - 3.4 or a genuine 3.6Ltr capacity.
Using our exclusive Callies Performance Products RB large main bearing cranks we have pushed the stroke out to 94.5mm WITHOUT compromising strength.
Combine the 94.5mm crank with a 90mm bore will give you a 3607cc Torque Monster! The streets will never be the same again.

Front kit designed by Bullet to accept the larger balancer post on the custom crank.


Bullet Racing Billet RB36

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