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Jan 22, 2021

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R | 4K

Kyle Paddlefords Nissan Skyline GT-R

Check out Kyles R34 GT-R Time Attack car in this video.  Shot by a friend and Nismo customer here in Los Angeles, California.

Proud to present this spot featuring me and my R34 GT-R time attack car. Shot in one day with a small crew of my family and friends. I can't thank everyone enough for donating their time to make this project possible! 
So put it in 4K, turn up those speakers, and please enjoy!   (Headphones or surround sound for maximum pleasure ;)

Director: Jordan Harriman/ Kyle Padelford
DP: Brook Willard
Produced by: Kyle Padelford, Troy Gray, Jordan Harriman, Brook Willard
Camera Operator: Brook Willard, Troy Gray, Michael Crankshaw, Kyle Farthing
Camera Car: Allan Padelford
Sound Design/Score: Tom Harriman
1st AC: Rob Sagaser, Esther Woodworth
2nd AC: Tristan Chavez, Riley Padelford, Bryce Palmer
DIT: Isaac Guy
1st AD: Nick Erickson
Sound Mixer: Dennis Schweitzer 
Thanks to: Nick Masters, Jarrett Sexton, Chris Pritzlaff, Colten Crom, Robb Rosenfeld, Ryan Huffman, Luke Arreguin, Panavision


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