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Jan 14, 2021

Single Turbo vs Twin Turbo Plus Remote Mount Turbo Testing

Richard Holdener is a beast and I love him, the way you love a man that tests things, the way this man tests things.  The first test is single vs twins, Andrew from Motive Video is going to love this.  The next test is remote mounting turbochargers. The findings are both interesting. Maybe not what you expect, maybe what you expect. 

In this test on an LS V8 engine, his go to engine currently, he tests a 7875 turbo vs a pair of 3582 turbos. He ran them at four different boost levels. A dyno is best case scenario for boost response, as the dyno loads the engine, sort of like torque braking a car.  Even though, there is a difference here.  All three of these turbos are cheap turbos, but honestly you won't see much of a spread difference with expensive ones. 

Now I don't want to ruin the video. I want you to watch the video. Lots of information in there, but the conclusion is here:

Twin turbo vs single turbo on an LS engine from Richard Holdener

You can see that the single turbo is making about 50 more horsepower from just after 3000 rpm tapering off till they come together around 4000 rpm. So whats the chart tell us? That the single is more responsive than the twins, by at least 500 rpm. Making pretty much the same power, same torque, over eight runs. 

One other interesting note is the heat, heat soak, and some of Richard's comments about that   . That is about 5:26 seconds into the video.  His comments say that they see a difference in response if they do a back to back pull with lots of heat in the exhaust, vs a "cold" or "idle" pull.   So it probably pays some dividends for ceramic coatings, header wraps, heat shielding. Even stuff on the turbo. You really don't see people use heat shields on twins much, but on singles you do. 

Heat shield for a single turbo manifold, plus exhaust housing heat shield

Heat shield for a single turbo manifold, plus exhaust housing heat shield

So my take away here is that lots of intake piping, lots of intercooler, doesn't really make any difference in "response" of the turbo on the dyno. 

Great stuff, support Richard, watch his videos, subscribe to this channel. He doesn't just to LS stuff. He has raced Hondas at Bonneville, he has open road raced a Mustang.  

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