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Jan 14, 2021

Buy a Legal R34 Today : Import When Legal

Buy and store an R34 GT-R in Japan
How to buy and store an R34 until its legal to import to the US

If you are in the US, you know that our importation laws allow any vehicle over 25 years old, to be exempt from Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. At 21 years old a vehicle in original configuration is exempt from EPA requirements.  Each state have individual requirements, but for legal import, over 25 years old is exempt.  

While most people seem to want the R34 GT-R version of the Nissan Skyline, there are other versions, and models of the car available.  Already the R32 GT-R version, sold since August of 1989, has been legal in the US since 2014.  The R33 GT-R started turning 25 years old in 2020.   In 2024 the R34 GT-R starts to turn 25 years old and legal to import to the US. 

Paul Walker and his MotoRex R34 GT-R
Paul Walker and his MotoRex R34 GT-R at a Blockbuster

However the prices are rising, and rising fast.  If you want to own one of these 11,578 R34 GT-R built, over 20 years ago now, then it would be a good idea to secure a car now.  Toprank Importers can help you find, inspect, purchase, and store an R34 GT-R in Japan.   Our customer and YouTuber Dustin Williams purchased an R34 GT-R from Toprank, check out this video.

For more information on what Toprank Importers can offer you, follow the link here:

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