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Apr 8, 2021

Built By Legends R32 GT-R Weight

Built By Legends R32 GT-R weight

Weight. How much does something weigh? When it comes to cars, lighter is better. The less weight a car has the easier it is to accelerate, brake, turn, and stop. As weight increases the loads on the tires increase to the point where you overwhelm, and overheat the tires.

The Built by Legends restomod R32 GT-R just came off the scales, and it did well on its weight loss program.

Built By Legends R32 GT-R dry carbon front bumper with lip

Weight - 1357 kg (2991 lbs)
Approx. 122 kg (268 lbs) lighter than stock. This was achieved mainly from dry carbon parts, Hicas delete, and lighter rims. #minesr32 #bnr32 #builtbylegends

Built By Legends R32 GT-R dry carbon rear wing

The R34 GT-R World Challenge race car, we got down to 2997 lbs, dry. However to get it there, we had carbon doors, carbon trunk skinned, glass front bumper, rear bumper,hood, fenders, carbon clutch, carbon driveshaft, two piece rotors, stripped all the excess heat shielding out. Titanium exhaust,

So on the Proform scales:
  • 3167 lbs R32 GT-R 1/2 tank of gas
  • 3336 lbs R33 GT-R with no gas
  • 3348 lbs R34 GT-R with 1/4 tank of gas

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