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May 7, 2021

Does more octane make more power, or less power?

Does more octane make more power, or less power?
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The guys at Engine Masters tested an 10.7 compression 6.2 liter LS3 on the dyno at Westech Performance. They took 87 octane, 91 octane, 110 octane, 116 octane, and E85 and ran it though the engine at optimized timing, and air fuel ratios to test the results. 

There are lot of myths out there about octane. More octane makes more power. More octane burns slower. You lose power with octane.  There are tons of them.  

This test would of course be different in an engine that is knock limited, like a forced induction application, but the results are still very interesting.  I recommend signing up for the Motor Trend app. Lots of cool shows over there. Some great tech on Engine Masters. 

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