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May 14, 2021

Working on NISMO 500 : Battery : Fuel System

Nismo 16 inch wheels. Theses were available from Nissan/Nismo

I'm a Nismo nerd. I like old logo Nismo parts. This includes all the stuff around when the NISMO R32 GT-R was released.  The Nismo version of the car had a factory 180 km/hr cluster, had factory wheels, but it did have the Nismo, also called N1 aero parts.  Its been many years since I had #500 at home. Thinking about it, might be about 5 years since I had the car at home. Time flies when you are having fun.  Since then I have been working on other cars, the bluecar, expanding the business, and other things. 

At a point #500 had an OS88 transmission, and a carbon clutch in it.  However I pulled it to go into Big Bird 2.  There is a bunch of little things that I wanted to change and do on the car, that I haven't got around to doing. With it at home, I have a chance to work on it in my spare time.  The first thing it needed was a battery. 

Calsonic Group A R32 GT-R and Nismo optional parts brochure

LiFePo4 battery moved from bluecar to Nismo

The battery in the Nismo was extra flat. I tried to bring it back to life, but its just been too long.  So I ordered another LiFePo4 battery, and in the meantime swapped one from the bluecar

Hotside of the Nismo
The strut tower bar is my favorite early Nismo bar, with the master cylinder stopper.  Stock airbox. Stock MAF for now, but it will get some R35/Nissan MAF run on a Nistune. The twin turbo pipe is divided. The exhaust manifolds are ported and Swain coated. The coils are stock, with a DoLuck ignition strengthening harness for now. I may put a Supertec R35 kit in it. 

Some fuel system components. R35 MAF
I have some fuel system things for the car. That includes some new bits and pieces for E85. I have E85 on the bluecar, and I highly recommend it.  This is a modified stock rail. I has a -8 supply and a -8 return on it.  Playing with some quick disconnects, and some different fuel filters to use those connectors. 

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