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Aug 28, 2021

Speedtek Close Ratio Gearset for Nissan Skyline GT-R

Speedtek close ratio gearset for R32 GT-R

I have noticed the guys from Speedtek for several years. They had a well priced close ratio gearset for the RB series transmissions. RB26 and RB25 FS5r30a.  I wanted to try out a set, and recently I was in contact with them.  The OS88 transmission I had in Nismo #500, went into/is going into Big Bird 2 so the trans in the Nismo was just a stock R33 transmission.  In theory a stock trans, making near stock power with a sprung hub clutch should be ok, but too stock is too boring.    I also have a Getrag V160 from an R34 GT-R, but I will keep that for another project, or another demo car here at Toprank Importers. 

The gearset that we are getting is:

1st 2.69
2nd 1.69
3rd 1.24
4th 0.99
5th 0.70

OEM Ratios for R32/R33 FS5r30a and R34 V160

Normal R32/R33
1 3.214
2 1.925
3 1.302
4 1.000
5 .752
275/40/17 -
46 mph
114 mph
148 mph
197 mph

RPM Drop on 8000 shift
8000 rpm
4750 rpm
5400 rpm
6250 rpm
6000 rpm

Final Ratio - 4.111

Normal R34
2. 2.360
3. 1.685
4. 1.312
5 1.000
6 0.793
45 mph
73 mph
102 mph
131 mph
172 mph
217 mph
Final Ratio- 3.545

Speedtek billet center plate for FS5R30a transmission

Along with that we are getting a billet 6061 center plate, an overhaul kit, and early shift sleeve.

Nissan gearbox codes

F = Floor Shift
S = Overdrive
5 = five forward gears
R30 = gearbox series
A = first revision

Speedtek says this setup is good to at least 800 bhp.  Of course how you drive, the clutch you have, and even the fluid you use can have an effect on that. If you have lost a 3rd gear in an RB25, RB26, or 300ZX transmission then you  know you will need something more sturdy to make it survive.  

Speedtek close ratio gearset for FS5R30a

Speedtek close ratio gearset for FS5R30a

Nissan gearbox codes

F = Floor Shift
S = Overdrive
5 = five forward gears
R30 = gearbox series
A = first revision

Stock ones run hard, always let go. Upgrade it now, or upgrade it later if you run the car hard. 

Engines using 30A gearbox

VG30,VG33,VG35, RB25DET,RB26DETT,QD32, RD28T

Applications using the FS5R30A

Z31 1987-1989 Fairlady with VG30DE
R32 Skyline with RB26DETT
R33 Skyline with RB25DET, RB26, OR 4WD
R32 Skyline with RB25DET or 4WD
R50 Terrano
D22 Datsun Truck with QD32
AWC34 Stagea with RB20E,RB20DE,RB25DE,RB25DET
WC34 Stagea
WD21 Terrano with VG30E
Y60 Safari with RD28T
Z31 1986-1989 300ZX with VG30DT Turbo
Z32 1990-1996 300ZX with VG30DE or VG30DTT
D21 Hardbody pickup VG30
WD21 1992-1995 Pathfinder VG30I,VG30E
D22 Frontier VG33E
WD22 Xterra VG33E, VG33ER
R50 1996- Pathfinder VG33, VG35

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