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Aug 26, 2021

New 2023 Nissan Z : Production Car Preview

2023 Nissan Z

Had a chance to go to a preview of the Nissan Z yesterday in Los Angeles. The Z is the heart of Nissan. It has a 52 year history, and is an important car in the Nissan lineup. Mr. Tamura is the chief product specialist of the Z, and the GT-R.  I've known T for about 20 years now. First time was at MotoRex, and we talked about what mods are good for the Nissan Skyline GT-R then. He is a real car guy, an enthusiast. He is the driving force behind cool cars. Of course at any big company, sometimes the only important things to the people in charge, are the dollars and cents, so passion projects, and halo cars can be difficult.  

The new Z was a passion project of T's from March 1, 2017. That is when he first came up with the concept, and ideas. He went around through the company and gathered support.  Here a little over four years later, we see what will eventually become the production car. 

I asked a few questions, but some can't be answered yet. Things like : What is the weight of the new Z? Will there be an all wheel drive version?  Will there be a hybrid version? 

I can see someone adapting the all wheel drive system from an Infiniti to the new Z for drag racing. Even though Nissan will not do it, I doubt they will make a mini GT-R, someone in the US will. We love our drag racing, and straight line. We would be willing to give up the 200 lb weight penalty to have all four wheels turning. 

There are supposedly nine different colors coming. Many of them two tone. I suspect after the first year, they will drop any of the non popular colors. So if there is a color you like, that seems like it might be odd, the first year might be your only choice. 

Overall the car is great. It will be fun. I am looking forward to spending some time with one in the future. I think we need to add one to the Toprank Importers fleet.   Thanks to Mr Hiroshi Tamura, and Nissan for the opportunity to have this cool sit down and talk about the new car. 

Tamura talking about the new Z
Where the two cars fit in the world. Sports vs a super GT type car
The heart of the new Z. 400 hp and twin turbo. Just what everyone asks for

The new Z features the VR30DDTT engine. 3 liters. Direct injection. Twin turbo.  It is the same engine used in the Infiniti Q50/Q60.

6 speed manual transmission or a 9 speed automatic
Radio/Navigation screen

Boost, turbo speed, and voltage

Configurable speedometer cluster. Tach dead center. Redline straight up

Engine oil temp, Engine oil pressure, water temp, and diff temperature. 

My son in the new Z drivers seat. 

Hiroshi Tamura, and my son

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