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Dec 11, 2021

Whistlindiesel Buys Two R32 GT-R and Blows Them Up

Whistlindiesel Buys Two R32 GT-R and Blows Them Up

Listen before you buy, or regret later.  This guy Whistlindiesel is famous on YouTube for destroying things, so we can't expect anything different when he gets his hands on a couple of Nissan Skyline GT-R.  He has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube. 

In this video he says he bought one car, and broke the transmission on it after about a week. So he bought another one - 730 hp car with a lot of mods. That car broke about 10 minutes into driving it. The camshaft- Tomei USA camshaft - BEWARE- broke at the nose.  We have talked about these parts before, but until people see more videos like this, they just won't listen.  Crazy heavy pressure plate wiping out the thrust bearing. Non sprung hub clutches. Third gear in the trans. Not using Shockproof Heavy.  We can recommend what people do to make the cars fun and survive, but people will always think they know better vs 20 years experience.  The one engine let go #6 cylinder showed signs of heavy detonation. Known issue, but just because its known, doesn't mean that novice tuners will listen, or look for these issues and try and address them. 

While Nissan Skyline GT-R are great fun cars, you can't just take a 30 year old car, and try and beat it to death. You can't have some people use garbage parts on cars and expect the cars to survive. They aren't Toyota Supras.  You have to have a bit more finesse with the RB26. 

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