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Feb 25, 2022

Weighing and Aligning the bluecar and Saurus car

Three QM1 R33 GT-R

Doing some final checks, and alignment on the bluecar before it heads out to its new home.  Threw it on the Proform Wireless scales and came up with: 
bluecar on the scales
3325 lbs (1508 kg) full of fuel
Stuck Ernie in the car, and with driver 3501 lbs (1588 kg)

3325 lbs full of fuel. 3501 lbs with Ernie in the drivers seat.  More Skyline weights

Using the Smart Strings to align the bluecar
Saurus car on the scales

The Saurus car with about 3/4 fuel was 3275 lbs, and with Ernie 3437 lbs.  The Sarus has a smaller/wheel tire, and an OS88 sequential transmission, but also a partial bolt in cage.  We moved a little bit of weight around, but the floor/setup isn't perfectly square/level so just sort of messing around a little bit. I have proper roll on/off setup pads at home, but yeah, at home. 

Understanding corner weights - Grassroots Motorsports

Saurus car with about 3/4 fuel and driver

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