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Mar 4, 2022

The Don! Drag RB30 Makes 2575 horsepower at 80 psi

The Don makes 2575 horsepower at 80 psi from Maatouks Racing

The 5 second wars are going to be heating up. The RB powered guys are getting some serious rear wheel drive drag cars together. 

THE DON !!! Well making just under 2600hp on 80psi we can say we now have a base and starting point. We had a couple of little issue with the intercooler leaking water into the inlet manifold so we drained it and ran it up and decided to stop at 80 psi until we get the intercooler fixed over the weekend and go back on the dyno next week and jam 100psi+ down it’s throat!!! I have dynoed alot of cars in my lifetime and let me say I’ve never heard anything like it and I can assure you all the video doesn’t do it any justice!! Turn your speakers up and listen to this RB sing 🎶 P.s Well done to the 2 people that guessed the power 2575HP 🥳🥳 We will get in contact with you guys on Monday and get your free stuff sorted 👌 Bullet Race Engineering Haltech Hypertune Turbosmart Concept Garage Sydney Dragway Tuners Edge Queen Street Group Precision Turbo & Engine Hemisphere Constructions Motive DVD Nitto Performance Engineering King32 Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers #maatouksracing #vlgod #cute #nostories #questtothe5s #TheDon #RB4life #wontstopcantstop #anotherone #run

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