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May 9, 2022

5.85@246 mph - The Don RB Powered Pro Mod

5.85@246 mph. Fastest and quickest RB Powered pass

Maatouks Racing takes their Pro Mod RB powered car and lays down a 5 second pass.  5.85 at a monstrous 246 mph in the quarter mile.  At 80 psi, it makes almost 2600 horsepower. 

THE DON- 5.85@246mph Worlds quickest RB/ Australia’s first 5 second RB/ Australia’s quickest import and the fastest Nissan on the planet 🌎 
You know It’s a hard post to write when you can only say WOW and thinking did that really happen!!!!
Well I guess we can start by saying thank god for what we have achieved as a team and to use the word team in our circle does not do it justice, it is family!!
THE DON was entered in its first ever event in the Pro-mod class. On day one we came in as top qualifier, all that did was show us we already had the increments of a 5 second pass on its first ever pass but we broke the beam and took it as a learning curve and raised the front end to stop the beam breaking.
We returned on Saturday to finish what we started, we then went out on our first pass of the day, it’s second full pass of the car’s history with the new RB powerplant. Anthony then drove it to the record setting 5.85@246 mph making it the world number one RB πŸš€
Once again we can’t do this without the whole team literally firstly Nader Nader and his family for trusting us and Nader for being as stubborn as he is and willing to go the distance and giving us the opportunity to put our knowledge into this car, The crew Jason, Talib, Matt, Mitch, Pete, Gh, Assaf and my wife Danielle. 
A special thanks goes to Glen Aka SKIP from moits race cars for being in charge of the chassis and making the car feel like it was  on rails “you are the man” and secondly Nour Jammas the clutch man we started blind had good guidance from our good mate Bill and strung it together and got the car to where it is today.
Bullet race engines they have outdone themselves giving us pure quality and support with their product. We have worked closely together to make this engine be where it is today. On top where it belongs so we say Thank you so much πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Every person has an important role and without them we have nothing this proves loyalty and this family unit is unbreakable.
Last but not least Haltech for supplying us the badest ecu on the planet the Nexus R5, nothing comes close!!!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ😎😎😎😎

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