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May 23, 2022

Dai Yoshihara Drives the BBL Mines R32 GT-R

Larry Chen and Dai Yoshihara drive the BBL Mines R32 GT-R 

Dai has the chance to drive the BBL Mines R32 GT-R, with Dustin Williams, Larry Chen and others. 

I join  @Larry Chen , @TheSmokingTire  and  @Dustin Williams  to give the BBL Mines R32 it's FIRST track shakedown during the 2022 R’s Day! We chat about “total balance” car setups, check out all the other cars at R’s Day, and then me and my son Kotaro visit the Top Rank Open House!

Built By Legends

R’s Day

Toprank Imports

Thank you @photo_md for some track action footage! 

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