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Jul 1, 2022

18 Inch R32 GT-R Wheels : 18 x 9 +25 wheels from HFM Parts

R32 GT-R with HFM Parts 18 x 9 +25 wheels. from Toprank Importers

HFM Parts from Australia makes some interesting products. When we saw they were producing some 18 x 9 +25 R32 GT-R wheels, we wanted to get a set to try out.  The OEM 16 inch wheels are cool, but for someone wanting an OEM look with a little more, these are a great option. 

HFM parts wheels R32 GT-R, R33 GT-R, and R32 Vspec in 18 inch

Of course anytime you do something unique as this, you get everyone's opinion on offset, size, and width. Having worked on this platform for more than 20 years, an 18 x 9 +25 is slightly more aggressive than an OEM R34 wheel.  An 18 inch wheel gives you a ton of tire options that will fit well on an R32 GT-R.  Once you roll fenders, or have to clearance anything under the car, you are limiting what some people are willing to do to the car. 

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