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Mar 2, 2024

Nissan Challenging - Brian's R32 GT-R

Brian's R32 GT-R on gold BBS LM

Running a series can be challenging, running in a series can be a challenge. Brian, the sales manager at Toprank Importers has been working on this R32 GT-R that he revived since, well, I guess a few years ago. It was rough when he started, and it has slowly evolved into his track car.  With the R34's and S15's coming in, this year has been busy. Yaska and Brian have been in Japan several times the last few months.   When Ernie, or myself has some time we do some work on the car. Jam it in between regular work, his own car, California compliance work, Stagea 260RS #gtrhunter, OS88 sequential diagnosis and more. 

In a small series, with a limited number of cars, and wanting to be competitive, they have to set rules. In Nissan Challenge, they break the cars down into 4 classes. 

Intended for modified R35s and those that wish to compete against them within the limits of class.

Intended for more race oriented vehicles, allowing for aero modifications and high grip tires.

Intended for mid-level, naturally aspirated or stock turbo vehicles, Ex: Stock turbo SR powered S-chassis, Stock TT Z32, Z33+ chassis.

Intended for lower powered, naturally aspirated vehicles, ex: S-chassis, B-chassis, Z-chassis up to NA Z32.

Last year Brian was Class 3. He started off slow, learning driving, learning the car. Building on the skills he was developing. We started to slowly work on the car. Improving the suspension, power, tire, alignment.  I put the car on E85 as I like it. We have it available locally.  Its like running $20 a gallon race gas (MS109 ~$107 per 5 gallons) all the time, for around $3 a gallon.  Sure you use more of it but its 20-30% more. So if you are burning a tank+(20 gallons ish) a day at the track, its $78(20+30%)  in fuel versus $400 in fuel. When you add in all the other consumables and items it takes to run a car keeping the fuel costs low is one. 

8 rounds $3200 worth of unleaded race gas
8 rounds $624 in E85

E85 going into Brians car

So Brian said at the before season meeting, the series moved any E85 cars up to Class 1.   Class 1 cars are modified R35, and cars that want to run with them.  So then the issue is that the plans, and things that Brian had planned, and partnered up with people on, he's really not competitive in any class legally.  They said its to limit horsepower, which is a valid reason.  They said that most of the other GT-R all had upgraded turbos, Brians car is on stock/Nissan/N1 turbos. Mostly again, just for reliability. The OEM ceramic wheels will and do let go. So to keep it reliable on track, metal exhaust wheels. 

The Nismos had pretty large turbos on them. The N1 turbos are smaller.  Good for about 600 hp at the engine. The N1's are good for about 560 hp at the engine. 

N1 turbo 46 mm inlet, 60 mm exducer A/R 0.8.  Turbine inlet 53 mm, Exducer 42 mm. Trim 62. A/R0.64        

Horsepower: 170 - 270 each


So then comes the dilemma. Run Class 1, against R35 and race prepped vehicles, or eliminate the E85, pay the $400 a weekend in gas to run the car safely for Class 2. While it might not be a cost saving thing, racing isn't cheap, and this is the direction we decided to go.   For some additional cooling, Brian also bought a Methanol/water injection setup.  Right now, the ambient temperature cool, and turbo cars are happy. Once we get closer or around summer it will pay some dividends. We can make similar power on MS109 and meth, or 91 and meth as we can on E85. We just add complexity and cost. 

Stock RB26dett. Stock cams, pistons, rods, head. 

Class 1 or 2, we can put a more aggressive tire on it. Open, so slicks for Class 1, or 40 treadwear for Class 2. Right now he is on 200 tw A052, but he can step up to 40 tw, A055 and be Class legal. Weight can come out of the car. The suspension can get more adjustable and expensive. 

Mar 24th - Chuckwalla
May 26th - Spring Mountain/R's Day
Aug 24th - Laguna Seca 105 DB
Sept 14th - Buttonwillow
Oct 19th - Buttonwillow - SR20 convention
Nov 9th - Chuckwalla
Dec 15th - Streets of Willow

The transmission is also open for Class 1 or 2. , we have a couple of OS88 sequentials at the shop. One may eventually end up in the car. 

Greddy Profec. Peak boost 20 psi. At 20 psi last time on the dyno Brians car made 414 hp. 

APR Wing. For the first round, just the wing got installed. There is also a splitter to go on. 

Momo buckskin D shape. Brian needs it because he is the Giant Justin Bieber. (credit Steve Ellis)

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