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Sunday, August 25, 2013

RB26DETT Ignition System Troubleshooting

The RB26 is a coil on plug ignition system. This allows for the individual coil to send more voltage/current to a plug, with less duty cycle than the old school single coil setup. The R32 and R33 have a separate transistor/ignitor unit while the R34 has a built in transistor in the coils.  On the RB, the ignition coils and coil harness are located in the valley of the engine. Over time, the coils and the harness are slowly cooked in the harsh environment of the engine valley.  The connectors to the coils crack, and the terminals get loose.  The crimped connections inside the harness get corroded. Do Luck Direct Power Ignition Strengthening Kit. 
RB26 ignition system
RB26DETT ignition coils

Ignition system troubleshooting flowchart

Missing a contact spring from one of the coils.  Always have a look at the contacts/springs when taking the coils off an RB. 
  • Coils - Ignition
    • Coil on plug. R32/R33 are the same.
      • The front two ignition coils on each side of the V in a early 90's Infiniti Q45 are the same  
      • 22433-60U01 
    •  R34s have the igniter built in. 
      • 22448-25U00 (coil assy)
      • 22465-59S00 (boot)
    • How to clean/repair misfires. 
Setting ignition timing and checking TDC on the RB26 in the Nissan Skyline GT-R.
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