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Oct 11, 2007

DirtGarage runs 9's on low mount turbos

DiRTgarage australia last night ran 9.998 @ 137.24 to claim the fastest all time world mark for a bolt on turbo GTR claiming the previous fastest time from kiwi driver Arthur Eyre (10.17). The more satisfying part of this is the time was ran under RH9 reg's using street tyres and no NOS (Eyre's time was ran on slicks with NOS).This time was achieved using HKS GT-RS turbo's and the cars race weight is 1465kg. The car runs with factory interior fittings as per Aust. Sport Compact rules which states cars must remain in street appearance, and only allows for rear seat, boot trims, A/C, heaters etc to be removed. The car also uses a helical synchromesh factory gearbox with an OS giken gearset fitted. The 60' time was 1.44 which is the second quickest in Australia on radial street tyres. The engine management is a regular Apexi Power FC which only utilises a fuel cut on rev limit and no "two step" launch control a change to Autronic engine management will see even greater potential from the car.

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