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Oct 11, 2007

Texas Mile - Toyota Supra 228.7 mph


3.4 liter , GT4718 turbo. Big, power car. Fastest ever for a street car in a standing mile.

Final Results after Day 2:
1. Tommy Banh Toyota Supra - 228.7 mph
2. SVS TT Viper - 223 mph
3. Ray Hoffman Heffner TT Ford GT - 222.2 mph
4. Eddie Bello 993 Porsche - 219 mph
5. Gary Javo Heffner TT GTS Viper - 212 mph
6. Kelly Martin Heffner TT SRT-10 Viper - 205 mph

We got there about 2 and start unlooad the car and put the 18" with Toyo RA1 (ths Jim Flewelling) in the back and go for the record number. I even did a quick detail on my car since there was some rain earlier from Houston. I did a quick burn-out and line up and ready for the run. The car spun out in 1st, 2nd, 3rd drifting all the way but iam not letting out Shifted to 4th and holy shit it hooked, before the 1/2 mile mark i already on top of 4th which is about 160-170 and shifted to 5th and hold on till the 1 mile mark. The car was hauling ass all the way to 9320 RPM according to my AEM log by the mile mark......228.7 close to my round number 230 that i want for my personal license plate---230 MPH---

When i came back from the run, the Heffner guys Gary, Jason and SVS TT Viper Ron gave me prop for the run. They decided to take Gary's red TT Viper and run it till they can take out my number but there was a gas paddle failure that stop him from making the pass....Its was nice to meet you Ron, Gary and Jason

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TRD3000GT said...

Awesome Car, Have one currently on order VVTI RZ Twin turbo 6 Speed Getrag Gearbox 1999, cant wait