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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Motor Trend : Farewell 2009

Angus MacKenzie, editor of Motor Trend Magazine posted up a few of his favorite cars of 2009, and the Nissan GT-R made his list.

This is what he had to say.

Speaking of character, here's an excerpt from a blog I wrote after hustling our long-term GT-R from LA to Vegas -- the long way -- for the SEMA Show last month: "The coolly calculated Nissan GT-R may not have the rosso romance of a Ferrari Daytona, the charming idiosyncrasy of a Porsche 911, or the aw-shucks muscle of a Corvette ZR1. But in form and function it is a supercar that deftly defines both its era and its origin. All gigabytes and manga, GT-R is a supercar like no other; a supercar that only Japan could have created. I'd call that character." And as for the performance... No matter how often I drive it, the GT-R's supercar-slaying capabilities never cease to amaze me. It is the world's best bang-for-the-buck performance car. Period.

Read more:

Some, ok a lot of journalists like to default to explaining the Nissan GT-R has no character, the “computers” do all the driving for you.  Get in a GT-R and push the far right pedal all the way down, then try and say it has no character.  The Nissan GT-R from the R32 days have always been a easy car to drive fast. Would you rather have a car that scares you, and you are not able to extract the most out of unless you are a near pro driver, or a car that makes an average driver fast ? A fast driver in a fast car, is just faster.


Source : Motor Trend

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Grooming + GT-R = Porn


So I have Google alerts setup to pull any news stories with a mention of Nissan GT-R. I saw this one pop up, and its good enough to post. Most people in the US probably don’t know this guy, but an actor from Singapore “Edison Chen” Gary Ng secretly filmed himself having sex with about 50 women.

In less than a year, he claimed he had 50 sex partners – including polytechnic students, undergraduates and high-flying executives.

The women, he said, were attracted to him because he ‘grooms himself well’ and drives a ‘nice car’ – a Nissan GTR.


So in Singapore, a Nissan GT-R and good grooming will help you get laid. In the US I think its the opposite, it seems only boys are attracted to GT-R’s. So I always said they would be a good car for a gay man, or an ugly woman to drive.  However, if you need a car to help you bed a woman, maybe you should rethink some things. I will have to trust that being an actor, and good grooming took Gary Ng a little further than his GT-R. 


Source : Temasek Review

Monday, December 28, 2009

DSport R33 Video At Battle of the Imports 2009

2009 GT-R SloMo Clip from Aaron Leong on Vimeo.

Shot at the Battle of the Imports in Souther California at the Autoclub Speedway. Shot on a SONY EX1. Thank you to DSPORT magazine for getting me media access. The 1200+HP black Nissan R33 GT-R belongs to Michael Ferrara, the publisher of DSPORT magazine.

Friday, December 25, 2009

COBB AccessPORT v2.00 Maps Available for Nissan GT-R

COBB has released v2.00 Maps for the R35 Nissan GT-R include proportional gain boost which offers RPM dependant boost control system and offers a big gain in GT-R performance.  If you have an Accessport, download the new maps, and gain the extra top end that the new boost control offers.

New v2.00 Off-The-Shelf Stage1 and Stage2 maps are available for download from the Nissan GT-R AccessPORT Map Database. For the first time, Cobb Tuning is offering specific maps for each major world market, including: Australia, East Asia, Europe, Gulf Spec, JDM, South Africa and USDM. To accommodate global fuel variances, every map in each region is available for 91, 93 and 100 octane as well as 95, 97 and 102 RON.



Source: Cobb Blog

1972 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT 4 Door

JDM Legends imported this 1972 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT 4 Door for a customer. This car is legal to import and drive in the US because, vehicles over 25 years old are DOT exempt, and 21 years old are EPA exempt.  Not my favorite old school shape. The fender mirrors are typical, and the green paint although unique, is not for me. 


With the wheels it came over on.


8 track player. You know you want it.


Looks much better with the Panasport C8’s.

Check out some more of the cars that they are working on at JDM Legends.

Source : JDM Legends

Seized Nissan Skyline GT-R – R33 For Auction

Edit: This might have been a Nissanie car.

Over at Jalopnik they posted a few pictures of a seized R33 GT-R that is up for auction. I do not think that this has anything directly to do with Kaizo. I don’t know what the funny VIN / Chassis number is. NM6AW-001022 is not a GT-R chassis number. It should be BCNR33-001022 if that is correct. Sometimes people read the top line off the blue plate and use that as a chassis code.

500x_nissan_r33_customs_07 500x_nissan_r33_customs_04 500x_nissan_r33_customs_08

Source : Jalopnik

Sunday, December 20, 2009



Saw this over at the NAGTROC forums. Pretty cool clock.  Just incase you need one for the shop or garage, Amazon has them. 380mm same size as the Nissan R35 brakes, but the GT-R logo they are using is the R32-R34 logo.


Source : NAGTROC

JDMEGO Stickers and Poster

Hit up the JDMEGO website store for some cool stickers and a poster of an R34 GT-R.

300 Only $7 for the poster.  Help support the cause.  Love it, buy 10.







radsticker Only $4 for the “I get Rad” sticker. Slap it on your neighborhood ICE car.








igetrad I Get Rad Sticker only $4 . Get 20.









Limited to 50 pieces at only $3.50 . Two stickers and a bag.







Source : JDM Ego Store

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Budez GTR tuned by HB Speed

Presented by - HB Speed custom tuning Nissan GTR R35. Custom 91 and 100 Octane Cobb Access Port Maps fine tuned on the dyno. Special thanks to Fontana Nissan and for raffle ticket free tune!

538 awhp/ 559 lb-ft of torque. About a 30 horsepower and 80 lb-ft of torque gain on the custom tune vs the "off the shelf" Cobb Tune.


Source : Apex Kings

HKS Intercooler Kit for R35 GT-R

SHH always seems to get the HKS information first.  HKS are introducing a new intercooler and air guide set for the R35 GT-R. The 400mm x 260mm x 65 mm intercoolers (two) are not priced yet, but come in at 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs) lighter than the stock units.  One other important part that the intercoolers include are the air guides to the intercooler. The R35 has some very important ducting in the front of the car that channels air though rather than around the important cooling components. If you have ever worked on race cars, you know how important these guides are to efficient operation of radiators, oil coolers, and intercoolers.  HKS claims a lower pressure loss than the stock or a competitors intercooler, and that translates into about a 10 horsepower gain.  The press release is dated January 25, 2010, so it might be a part that is at least a month or so off.



Source:SHH Pro Shop Brueni

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Target Corporation fined $500,000 for clean air violations


Retailer resisted cooperating with enforcement officers and was
subject to a stipulated judgment

SACRAMENTO: The Air Resources Board has fined Target Corporation
$500,000 for selling multiple products throughout California
between 2006 and 2008 that do not comply with the state's clean
air regulations.

ARB enforcement officers found that the retail chain had
marketed, sold, supplied and contracted with companies to provide
quantities of several non-compliant products to California's
market including: portable generators, portable fuel containers,
automotive windshield washer fluid and liquid air fresheners.
"ARB worked with manufacturers to design products that pollute
less," said ARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols. "Retailers have a
responsibility to ensure the products they offer are legal for
sale in California."

Initially, Target was found to be selling non-compliant
windshield washer fluid. California regulations establish a
maximum level of volatile organic compounds in windshield-washer
fluid, and all chemically formulated products because VOCs
contribute to ground level ozone.

Further investigation found that the manufacturer had warned
Target several times that the product was not formulated for sale
in warmer portions of California. Target continued to sell the
product even after state representatives notified the company of
the violations and pending enforcement actions. Further
investigation discovered sales of other non-compliant products,
including numerous Target branded reed-diffuser air fresheners.
ARB referred the case to California Attorney General's office in
September 2008. The stipulated settlement was ultimately
finalized in October of 2009.

California requires reduced VOC emissions from consumer products
as a means to reach state and federal ambient ozone standards.
Ozone is the main constituent of smog, a threat to human health
and the focus of decades of regulations aimed at reducing air
pollution. Exposure to ozone can cause lung inflammation,
impaired breathing, coughing, chest tightness, shortness of
breath and worsening of asthma symptoms.

VOCs are also emitted from portable fuel containers. In 1999,
the state addressed these by requiring manufacturers to engineer
canisters with tight controls. The new canisters eliminate fumes
that leak through container walls and, to reduce spillage,
include a mechanism that seals the spigot when not in use.
Portable generators have strict emission requirements focusing
on exhaust.

Efforts over the last 20 years to clean California's air have
led to a 38% drop in statewide ozone levels.
The Air Resources Board is a department of the California
Environmental Protection Agency. ARB's mission is to promote and
protect public health, welfare, and ecological resources through
effective reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and
considering effects on the economy. The ARB oversees all air
pollution control efforts in California to attain and maintain
health based air quality standards.


Source :

Jeff's R32.4

US Federally Legal R32 GT-R
2.8 liter engine 550 whp on 91 octane , 630 whp on C16
6 speed Getrag transmission
R34 front and rear subframe
Vspec rear electronically controlled differential
Ohlins coil over suspension
R34 ABS and ATTESA controller
Brembo brakes
Full titanium exhaust
The turbos are HKS GT-RS with strengthened actuators set at 16 psi base. The twin turbo pipe looks polished but its actually got a splitter/divider in it. The airbox looks stock, but it has an extra air feed going to it. Exhaust manifolds are N1's. Exhaust outlets are Nismo cast outlets. Camshafts are fairly small. 9.1 mm and 8.9 mm of lift. 272 / 264 duration. +4 on the intake cam , 0 on the exhaust cam. The head has been ported and modified by Jeff of RB Motorsports. Hard piping. Nismo collector. Stock throttle bodies. ARC intercooler. HKS Racing BOV. Engine management is AEM with 24-1 CAS wheel. NGK #9 Racing plugs. Stock "new" coils. Stock "new" coil harness. 1000 cc injectors. Two Bosch 044 pumps in the tank. Twin -8 feeds.
Contact us for more information

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nissan GT-R SpecV to Be Sold in the Middle East

So it seems the SpecV will be sold everywhere in the World except the US. I guess the US is just not ready for the SpecV. The price for the SpecV in Europe is around $200,000 US. The SpecV will be built to order,and their will be only sold though selected Nissan dealers in the Middle East. It is still strange that with only 40 cars slated for Europe, and probably not even half that for the US, that they wouldn't attempt to at least sell some in the US.


Nissan Middle East FZE today announced a new limited-production Nissan GT-R SpecV model, which goes on sale via a built-to-order scheme through selected Nissan outlets in the GCC from this month. The GT-R SpecV is targeted specifically at enthusiast drivers who desire race car-levels of performance in a street-legal vehicle. Developed around the multi-dimensional Nissan GT-R sports car, which was introduced just over one year ago to universal global acclaim, the new SpecV model builds on the original's 'ultimate supercar that anyone can enjoy driving anywhere, at anytime' philosophy - taking it to an entirely new level of 'oneness between man and machine'. The SpecV model includes unique body, interior and performance equipment and modifications, raising the GT-R's unmatched performance to even higher levels.

The GT-R SpecV's new exterior features include a carbon fiber rear spoiler, a carbon fiber grille, and carbon fiber brake ducts. The SpecV is available exclusively in 'Ultimate Black Opal' body color. Inside, the SpecV's unique two-seat interior (the standard GT-R model has a two-place rear seat configuration) offers special Recaro carbon fiber bucket seats, while carbon fiber insets embellish the rear center storage box, instrument panel and other trim areas.

Performance is enhanced with a new high gear boost control device, which momentarily increases boost of the engine's twin turbochargers for greater torque in the intermediate-to-high speed ranges to provide a more powerful feeling of acceleration, while also allowing the engine to operate at a lower speed for improved fuel economy. Other modifications include a titanium-coated exhaust system and Nissan Carbon-Ceramic Brakes (NCCB) that provide powerful stopping performance.

The GT-R SpecV is also equipped with lightweight, racing-style forged aluminum wheels that were specially developed for this model in collaboration with Nissan Motorsports International (NISMO). The lighter unsprung weight provided by the new wheels, together with the fitment of exclusive Bilstein shock absorbers and Bridgestone Potenza RE070R high-grip tires; combine to deliver the SpecV's exceptional performance. The SpecV will be sold as a built-to-order product through selected Nissan outlets certified as Nissan High Performance Centres in the GCC, each of which is staffed by mechanics with special GT-R SpecV training and who are knowledgeable on the requirements of racing circuit driving.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Carbon Fiber iPhone cases

It says GT-R Skyline, but I think it would be better with just the GT-R logo, after all who cares about Skylines, just GT-R’s.  This logo is the R32, R33,R34 logo, not the R35 logo.

Bugatti Veyron Engine Picture from MotoIQ

in Gerlach_Nevada

Eric Hsu posted up a picture of a Bugatti Veyron engine with the heads removed.  Interesting looking engine. 1001 hp, quad turbo. I consider this to be the fastest production car in the world, no matter the couple “production car” claims of higher speeds.  As you can see in the above video, a 480 hp Nissan GT-R doesn’t stand a chance against a Veyron. However for $80,000 vs $1,500,000 you have some change left over if you purchase a GT-R.  The Veyron is just something that demands respect.

Bugatti Veyron Engine

Construction type/number of cylinders W16
Cylinder/bank angles 15°/90°
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Supercharging 4 exhaust turbochargers with air coolers
Cylinder spacing 73 mm
Bore/stroke 86.00 mm/86.05 mm
Cylinder capacity 7,993 cm³
Power rating/engine speed 1,001 hp (736 kW)/6,000 rpm
Max. torque/engine speed 1,250 Nm/2,200–5,500 rpm
Max. mean effective pressure 19.7 bar
Compression ratio 9.0
0–100 km/h 2.5 sec.
0–200 km/h 7.3 sec.
0–300 km/h 16.7 sec.
0–400 km/h 55.6 sec.

Head over to MotoIQ and post up some comments, and enjoy some of the best tech out there on the web from most of the people that brought you Sport Compact Car Magazine.

Source: MotoIQ

Friday, December 11, 2009

Scion and Team JD Win 2009 WERC Endurance Series Championship


Scion and Team JD Win 2009 WERC Endurance Series Championship

Team Finishes with Near Perfect Record with Six-Hour Race Win at Thunderhill

TORRANCE, Calif. — Just days ago, the Scion road racing team headed by team owner and driver, Dan Gardner, added another highlight to their 2009 season with yet another championship.  The six-hour win at Thunderhill clinched the season championship for the Western Endurance Racing Championship (WERC) series.

The team won every race, save one, en route to the E1 class victory, for a near perfect record…impressive, especially in an endurance format series.  The team also accrued more points (585) than any other team in any class in the series.  The Scion tC race car was completely bulletproof even with the engine spinning 5,000 to 7,500 rpm for three to six hours straight.

The win adds to the highlight season for the team as they also end the season having won the national championship in Performance Touring as well as bringing Scion home their first pro win with the victory at Laguna Seca in World Challenge.

Regular team co-driver Scott Webb was unable to make the season finale, but experienced racer Jeff Lepper filled-in to help the team bring home the race and the series victory.

“Scott and I were both disappointed that he couldn’t make the final round,” said Gardner.  “Scott has been a great teammate all year long, but Jeff stepped up and did a great job during his stint.”

Going into the race Gardner had planned for each driver to take two shifts, but after further thought the call was made to try to ironman it by doing only one driver change during the six hour race.  The team was determined to gain every advantage possible.  And with a crew that consisted of Sean Morris, John McNulty, Shawn Meze, and David Fredrickson, pit stops would be hammered out in lightening speed fashion.

During Practice, Gardner had run the fastest time in the E1 class, for both cars competing in the six hour as well as those registered for the 25 hour.  Things were looking great. Qualifying took an unexpected turn, as teams were required to qualify during darkness.  The four, big Pilot Automotive HID driving lamps were fitted to the front bumper, and Lepper went out and ripped off a 2:03.1 fast lap.  It was fast enough to be on pole for the six hour and also put the team in the third starting spot for the E1 class overall.

Said Lepper, “The car was one of the best-handling front-wheel-drive cars I’ve ever driven.  Kudos to the team for all the development they’ve put into making the car turn.  It was quite dark during Qualifying, but the Pilot HIDs were so bright I could see God if I wanted to.”

During the two test days, the team did various things to help prepare for the big show, including calculating fuel economy, and figuring out the stop intervals.  The decision was also made to have Gardner start the race and see if he could help Lepper by running over the three hour mark.  Both drivers had agreed to the one driver change strategy, though neither knew how the long shifts would weigh on them.  It was also a frigid weekend, with temps routinely below freezing.  Just before the race started a wicked wind picked up, adding an additional chill factor.

During the start, Gardner found the leaders accelerating long before the green flag flew, and so he too was forced to stay in the gas.  The spotter called out the green, but the cars were mostly all away by that point.

Shockingly, all 75 cars made it through Turn 1 without much incident, and Gardner found himself battling with one of his fiercest competitors, Dennis Holloway in the Mazda RX-8.  The two went back and forth, and Gardner eventually let the Mazda go, as it was to be a long race, and battling early wasn’t a strategy the team wanted to employ.

“This team’s been smart all year at staying out of trouble, and playing to the strengths of the car,” said Gary Boler, TRD business operations manager.  “I’m confident that our TRD supercharger and big brake kit really help the car in the power and braking department.  It’s awesome to see how they handle the endurance race format abuse.”

During the first hour of the race, Gardner got settled in.  Keeping the car on the track and not getting crashed out are two of the most important rules of the endurance racing game.  All was going well until a Miata hit the Scion hard two times between Turn 3 and 4.  Gardner’s tC slid sideways, and he caught the car just as he was being hit again.  After straightening out, Gardner assessed the damage, and concluded that the car felt fine for the most part.

During the first fuel stop, however, the team would find a partially destroyed right rear wheel that was digging into the sidewall of the tire.  The crew finished fueling the car, and then made quick work of the wheel and tire change.  Rules stipulate that you can only change one tire at a time.

Gardner went back out and got on the radio to say that the car was instantly going sideways under braking and left hand turns.  It took a solid two laps for the tire to come up to temp and even things out.

Radio contact was solid for the entire race courtesy of the Sampson Racing Communications radios, which performed flawlessly during the whole show.  Radio communication is one of the most important tools for the driver and team in endurance racing.  Indeed Shawn Meze and John McNulty were able to communicate a wide array of information to the drivers during the event, helping to make up-to-the-minute decisions, and communicate race control chatter to Gardner and Lepper.

“Shawn Sampson at SRC is a first-rate guy, selling first-rate products,” said Webb.  “I was actually supposed to drive with Shawn in an event or two this year, but when he heard we had a chance to make a run at the championship, he graciously gave me an out…helping to make this whole thing possible.”

Gardner was getting in a rhythm, banging off lap after lap.  Fuel stops were going smoothly and quickly, and the Nitto NT-01 tires were looking great, hour after hour.  The team was unsure the front tires would make it three hours, but the wear was looking perfect.

Sometime in the middle of the race another Miata would mildly sideswipe Gardner, and later an Acura would chop down hard on the Scion down a straightaway, forcing Gardner to take to the dirt.  The track was busy with traffic at almost every turn of every lap.  Clean laps weren’t something that would happen often.  Gardner remained determined to take care of the car, and make sure to make things last his entire shift.

He got on the radio to advise that the gearbox was feeling a bit “crunchy” going into third and forth gear.  Slowing down the upshifts and making even more deliberate downshifts seemed to help, and the crew relayed the information to Lepper, who would be getting in the car soon.

Gardner managed what would be more than a triple shift, running the car for three and a half hours straight and nearly 300 race miles.  At that point, the team executed a flawless driver change as they dumped the routine 10 gallons in the car.  The Nittos were still looking great, and Lepper took off as soon as he was belted in.

Lepper was staying out of trouble, keeping the car together, and trying to make both the tires and brake pads last for the remainder of the race.  At the next stop one front tire was changed, and at the next the other front.  The rears were looking great, and didn’t need to be touched.

At the five hour mark, the team was leading the class in the six-hour, and was fourth overall in E1, having moved the car up to 25th from 32nd. 

Around the five and a half hour mark, Lepper got on the radio and said there were basically no more brakes.  The team asked if he thought he could make it, or limp it in, as a pad change would prove very costly.  Lepper confirmed that he would try.  Indeed, as the car took the checkered, the backing plates of the pads were on the rotors and the pistons had popped out of the calipers, but the car made it back to the pits for another great win.

“We certainly do things differently here at Scion, and Gardner and this team are no exception,” said Steve Hatanaka, Scion auto shows and special events manager.  “This is truly a highlight season, something for the record books.  I’m proud of everything this team accomplished this year in both the sprint and endurance format.  It’s not every day you get to bring home two championships in one season.”

The JD Scion tC team uses:

•           Scion-supplied OE parts

•           TRD-supplied supercharger and intercooler, front big brake kit

•           Pilot Automotive HID driving lamps

•           Nitto 235/40R17 NT-01 tires

•           Enkei RPF1 17x8 wheels

•           OS Giken Super Lock Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

•           Dezod-supplied AEM standalone engine management, plug-and-play harness, injectors, end links, and stainless clutch line

•           Church Automotive Testing dyno tuning

•           Moton Suspension remote reservoir coilover shocks

•           Vogtland springs

•           Progress Technology rear swaybar and camber kits

•           Motul brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, and super coolant

•           Racepak IQ3 logger dash

•           AEM sensors, EMS, and dry flow air filter

•           Kaminari carbon-fiber roof and composite headlights

•           Royalty Auto Body body work

•           America’s Tire Co. tire mounting and balancing

•           Racetech Viper head-restraint race seat and 6-point harnesses

•           Centerforce clutch and low-inertia steel flywheel

•           AIT carbon-fiber hood and hatch

•           Wild Pony Motorsports-supplied camber/caster plates

•           Goodridge fittings and lines

•           Carbotech XP10 and XP8 brake pads

•           G-Force  racing suit, gloves, helmet, shoes

•           DC Sports header

•           Energy Suspension bushings and motor mounts

•           HoseTechniques silicone hoses

•           Tri-Mountain Racewear team gear

•           NST supercharger pulley, alternator pulley, and shifter bushings

Jackson-Dawson Communications (JD) is a 29-year-old privately held company that provides creative and strategic services to a range of national clients. Core competencies include retail training, event marketing, marketing services, business theater, video and media production services, meeting planning, print graphic and design services, staging service and vehicle management.

With corporate offices in Detroit, MI, Jackson-Dawson also maintains offices in Torrance, CA, Nashville, TN and Manhattan, NY. Jackson-Dawson owns and operates several divisions: Peloton Creative Group, BenMar Communications, Drivers Talk Radio and Drivers Talk Testing.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Farm Truck

Have to love sleepers. Street racers. This truck, looks like any 15 second truck out there. Under the hood, and under the bed hides a little more than you expect . From the side, you can't really tell how much tire is on the truck. The herky jerky suspension hides the fact that it weight transfers well enough to pull the left front wheel off the ground. The back opening is all part of the act.

Source :bDubb

R36 GT-R To Be a Hybrid ?


The rumors floating around the interweb today say that the next generation GT-R(R36) is going to be a Hybrid. Nissan(Infiniti) has been showing the Infiniti Essence concept since earlier this year. Inside Line had some exclusive shots of unboxing the Essence when it arrived in the US.

This is what Inside Line had to say about the Infiniti Essence.

The concept car is reported to have a 3.7 liter direct injected twin turbo engine that puts out 432hp. The more interesting part is a electric motor that combined with a battery pack increases the vehicles output 158hp to 592hp.  Partial electric motor driven wheels, partial engine driven wheels. As weird as the concept may sound, it does actually work.


Then the rumors from Best Car magazine about the R36.

The next GT-R will come with an electric motor capable to deliver around 160 hp but also with a powerful gasoline engine which will deliver around 440 hp.

Concept cars normally show direction for future vehicles, so there is a good chance that this concept will become the R36 GT-R. 600 hp, direct injection. P-Car what ?

 inf02409 inf02509

Source : Best Car via 4wheelnews and NAGTROC

R32 GTR complete rear subframe, diff, shaft $1,000.00


R32 GTR complete rear subframe, diff, shaft

We have hundreds of sets of used JDM wheels in stock. Check our eBay listings or our webstore for more JDM rims. Refinishing service available, please email us for pricing.

Ebay Store

ARB calls for new health report, directs staff to explore regulatory flexibility for small businesses on diesel truck rule

The person that wrote the report on diesel emissions falsely stated that he had a PhD. Is this going to be a common trend in "environmental" scientists ? They just seem to write whatever the "green" opinion is currently, with no regard to what is actually happening. Law makers buy into it hook line and sinker. While in real life the law makers are doing nothing except hurting the hard working business owners in the state of California. The false information from this “PhD” is probably just the tip of the iceberg.  This is a press release from the ARB.

SACRAMENTO: The Air Resources Board directed its staff today to
return to the Board next April with a new provision that would
provide truck fleets more flexibility in cleaning up their diesel
emissions under the state's Truck and Bus Rule that was adopted
in December of last year, in light of the recession's effect on
the industry.
ARB staff demonstrated that the down economy has reduced the
amount of time trucks have operated, thus reducing harmful diesel
emissions that would have occurred during normal economic times.
The Board also directed staff to withdraw and redo the health
report that carried Hien Tran's name since it was learned last
year that he falsely claimed he held a PhD in statistics from UC
Davis. The implementation of the rule will continue to be carried
out during this period.
The Board also neglected to second a motion by Board Members
John Telles, who wanted to repeal the diesel rule after learning
of a Tran's misconduct.
"With today's set of actions, we confidently set out to
revalidate the science supporting our rules and set up a process
to allow for more flexibility for small businesses in the
regulation given the down economy," ARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols
said. "We take the employee misconduct very seriously but it
should not affect an extremely important public health measure
that has been extensively reviewed throughout the scientific
community. We have tightened up our procedures to ensure an
incident like this never happens again."
ARB passed the diesel truck and bus rule last December that
requires truck owners to install diesel exhaust filters on their
rigs by Jan. 1, 2011, with nearly all vehicles upgraded by 2014.
The regulation is estimated to prevent 9,400 premature deaths
over its lifetime.
To reduce diesel emissions and improve air quality and public
health, the ARB adopted a Diesel Risk Reduction Plan in 2000 and
has already passed regulations addressing urban buses, garbage
trucks, school bus and truck idling, stationary engines,
transport refrigeration units, cargo handling equipment at ports
and rail yards, off-road vehicles, port trucks and other
For more information on the Statewide Bus and Truck Regulation,
go here: .
The Air Resources Board is a department of the California
Environmental Protection Agency. ARB's mission is to promote and
protect public health, welfare, and ecological resources through
effective reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and
considering effects on the economy. The ARB oversees all air
pollution control efforts in California to attain and maintain
health based air quality standards.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Freedom Autosport GT-R at Daytona



Brought the GTR down for some laps today. Best time was a 1:57 on Switzer P800 kit with pump gas, Hoosiers, and PFC discs & pads from Motorsport Brake Specialists. Car has full interior, OEM seats, etc. Weighs in at near OEM weight.
We ran 2:06 bone stock about a year ago. So Switzer, Hoosier, and PFC from MBS picked up 9 seconds in 1 lap.
Had some fun passes with a few Ferarris, Porsches, Vettes, and what looked to be a race built new ZR1. It had the carbon brakes and the clear hood window, plus was quite fast. Looked gutted with a rollcage plus two race seats with an awesome yellow & black livery. The vette looked better than most pro cars, the best looking and close to the fastest "club" race car I've ever seen.
For those who may not know, the banking at Daytona is extremely bumpy at speed in certain areas. So much so that we had to reduce the front downforce to help steady the rear in order to stay flat through Nascar turn 4. The video shows just how bumpy it is.

I am not a big fan of their color combination or the first photos I saw of the car, however now it is moving. The last pictures I saw of the car, they had the splitter painted and a set of black wheels on the car.  Still not a fan of green and blue on a car, even a race car.

Family Guy - Something Something Something Darkside Full Trailer

Coming out: Dec. 22, 2009 - While on the planet Hoth and being chased by Darth Vader (Stewie Griffin), young Luke Skywalker (Chris Griffin) has a vision of his dead mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi (Herbert), who tells him to go to the planet Dagobah and learn the ways of the Force from Jedi Master Yoda (Carl). Luke has a vision of the Empire capturing his friends. Believing this to be true, Luke forgoes his Jedi training in order to save his friends and confront Vader. Elsewhere, Princess Leia (Lois Griffin) finds herself attracted to the scruffy pilot Han Solo (Peter Griffin) and, against all odds, the two fall in love.


The Family guy Star Wars episode was classic. This is the second episode, and it looks good.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wagon Attack 2

A short film about a rusty Honda Civic Wagon and a dude that loves deals

A cool well shot short film.

25% off Best Motoring GT-R DVD’s

Whats better than Best Motoring DVD’s ?, with GT-R’s ?, how about 25% off ?

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The two DVD’s are :


GT-R Evolution

Contents includes:

  • Amuse GT-R "Phantom"
  • Tsukuba Time Attack
  • E92 M3 vs IS-F
  • Giant Touge Test and Tsukuba Battle
  • Nissan R35 GT-R vs the World Part 2
  • Super Battle in Twin Ring Motegi
  • 2008 R35 GT-R "Kouki" R&D Undercover
  • Exclusive Nurburgring un-cut onboard footage!

Featured Cars:
Amuse R35 "Phantom" GT-R, Nissan R35 GT-R, Porsche Turbo (6MT), Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Lotus Exige S Performance Pack, Subaru Impreza STi, BMW E92 M3, Lexus IS-F, Honda S2000 Type S, Nismo Z



Nissan GT-R Loaded

Contents includes:

  • GT-R vs the World Mega Test & Battle
  • GT-R Generations Battle
  • GT-R Gan-san's First Drive
  • Behind the development of the R35 GT-R: Exclusive Interview with GT-R Chief Engineer, Kazutoshi Mizuno
  • GT-R Keiichi Tsuchiya Tsukuba Time Attack
  • Mine's R35 GT-R First Drive

    Featured Cars:
    Nissan R35 GT-R, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche 911 GT3, Honda NSX-R, Mine's R35 GT-R, R32 Bee Racing GT-R, R33 Hosaka Tuning Factory GT-R, R34 MCR GT-R

  • Godzilla vs Super Snake

    Motor Trend Magazine pitted a Nissan GT-R vs a Shelby Super Snake.  The GTR put 413 hp to all four wheels, the Super Snake 635 hp to the rear wheels. In real life its not all just about horsepower, as the GT-R destroys the Shelby in the quarter mile.



    The dyno testing looks like it was done at K and N Engineering, the quarter mile was run at Fontana, but opposite the normal direction run.  Those magazine people are crazy.

    Source : YouTube

    ICE Seizes $300,000 Cizeta V16 : Kaizo Related


    ICE agents seized a 1994 Cizeta V16 from Family Classic Car in San Juan Capistrano on Monday. According to the article in the Orange County Register, Family Classic car was surprised at the seizure, as the car was left after a car show that took place on Friday.


    ICE said the Italian car is one of fewer than a dozen such vehicles produced by automotive engineer Claudio Zampoli in a joint venture with music composer Giorgio Moroder.

    According to a news release, ICE investigators allege that Orange County resident Zampoli violated U.S. customs and environmental laws when he brought the car into the country in 2001.

    In the affidavit filed in support of the seizure, Zampoli’s import agent stated on customs documents when the car was imported that it was worth $125,000,  even though the car originally sold new for $600,000, ICE said.

    ICE might have some wrong information according to Wikipedia. In 1991, the list price for a Cizeta-Moroder was an estimated 250,000 or US$300,000. Now the car is still in production (on demand), although again with a large price tag of $649,000, respectively $849,000 for the Spyder TTJ, exclusive of shipping, taxes and extras.


    Family Classic Cars had a Kaizo R34 GT-R that they had registered and were offering for sale.  This seizure seems to possibly be related to the Kaizo investigation.

    “Make no mistake, the illegal importation of gray market vehicles like this is not just a technical violation,” said Miguel Unzueta, special agent in charge for the ICE Office of Investigations in Los Angeles.  “Cars that don’t meet U.S. standards are outlawed for a reason.  These vehicles can pose a real threat to public health and safety.”

    Cars are not “outlawed”.  In fact this vehicle would be eligible for a “Show or Display” exemption.  This car has probably been driven/started less than a year old Prius.  It poses no real threat to public health or safety. Most people that own this type of vehicle drive it very seldom, and it would put out less emissions than the fire you have burning in your fireplace.  I would be interested to know how many miles or kilometers this car has on it since 1994. Just another case of ICE flexing its muscles at something minor and frivolous, wasting money.


    Source : Orange County Register

    Monday, December 07, 2009

    2009 Scion Racing Recap and 2010 World Challenge Rules Revision

    Scion Racing 2009 Year in Review

    The 2009 Scion Racing recap video takes you through all of Scion's assets including Ken Gushi and his Scion Racing tC and Tanner Foust with his Rockstar Energy Drink Scion tC. Watch them along with some other Scion Racing teammates tackle the 2009 season.


    I am posting this as a car I help crew on, the Jackson Dawson Racing Scion is in this video. This year it has competed in NASA PTC/TTC events, WERC endurance racing, and SCCA World Challenge TC2 class. We just ran 6 hours of the 25 hours of Thunderhill with Dan Gardner and Jeff Lepper sharing the drivers seat. The car took its 4th E1 class win out of 5 races this year,winning the WERC E1 championship. The team also took the PTC championship for the second year in a row.  The same car won the SCCA TC2 event at Laguna Seca with Scott Webb driving.

    Next year World Challenge is revising their Touring car rules, and brining them inline with what they have as TC2 rules. This should help lower the costs associated with Touring car and help to bolster the fields.

    SCCA Pro Racing and WC Vision have announced competition classifications for the 2010 SCCA Pro Racing SPEED World Challenge Championships. The series will take a firm stance on cost control in 2010, with the Touring Car class adopting TC2 rules and the GT class using a new baseline of performance. Additionally, a new Grand Touring Sport class has been added.


    Committed to reduced costs and an increase in actual racing for 2010, SCCA Pro Racing and WC Vision have announced that the Touring Car and Touring Car 2 categories will merge, with performance standards set to TC2 levels. The class will maintain the Touring Car name and share the same point system and purse structure amounts as the GT and GTS classes.  


    Source : World Challenge Website and Wrecked Magazine

    Wednesday, December 02, 2009

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    18x9+18 18x12+18 5x114.3

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    8 Local News Segments Gone Horribly Wrong

    I saw this over at and I had to post it up. Everyone needs some comedy, and to me, this is comedy.

    Tuesday, December 01, 2009

    204 mph in a Street Car

    204 mph isn't really that fast. A stock 911 GT2 will do 205 mph,  not in a quarter mile though. Street car. Streetable car. What might be a "street car" to some, would be a race car to others. Hot Rod Magazine runs what they call Drag Week, which puts cars and drivers at five different venues to see who is the top dog. The cars have to be driven from track to track under their own power with no support vehicles. Its a pretty cool event. A good way to go out and have fun in a car. Whether or not most of these are street cars is debatable to most, but 1000 mile trip, is a 1000 mile trip.

    7.3 @ 204 mph . Driven 1000 miles on this event. Run on the same tires for the 1000 miles. Street car/ Streetable car either way it did 1000 miles and over 200 mph in the quarter mile. 555 cubic inches , twin 88 mm turbos, Lenco 5 speed , 33 x 18.5 ET Streets. Gangsta.
    The venues from this last event.
    Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009 - Test 'n Tune - Muncie Dragway, Albany, IN
    Monday, Sept. 14, 2009 - Day 1 - Muncie Dragway, Albany, IN
    Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009 - Day 2 - US 131 Motorsports Park, Martin, MI
    Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2009 - Day 3 - Summit Motorsports Park, Norwalk, OH
    Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009 - Day 4 - National Trail Raceway, Hebron, OH
    Friday, Sept. 18, 2009 - Finals - Muncie Dragway, Albany, IN
    Source : Hot Rod

    Update:  6.93@211 mph.Larry Larson is a pimp.

    Sunday, November 29, 2009

    Racing in the Rain : F40 vs XJR15 vs RUF vs NSX vs Evo vs Viper

    Ferrari F40 vs Ferrari F40 GT vs Jaguar Jaguar XJR-15 vs Porsche RUF THR vs Honda NSX vs Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI vs Dodge Viper

    Rain and high horsepower rear wheel drive cars, sans one. What do you think happens ? Great Best Motoring video.

    Saturday, November 28, 2009

    Cefrio to RB26 Pickup Transformation

    Looks like this was built in the Philippines. A lot of work for something unique.  The Cefrio came left hand drive.


    Source : How to Car Drift Blog

    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    YoParts R35 GT-R at Battle of the Imports

    YoParts is giving away a Nissan GT-R. The car was recently baseline tested at Battle of the Imports. Details of the contest can be found here-

    Testing the YoParts R35 at Battle of the Imports. All stock, all in auto. Ed Bergenholtz piloting the GT-R.


    Monday, November 23, 2009

    DSPORT Nissan Skyline GT-R 9.86 @ 145 mph : Battle of the Imports

    DSPORT Nissan Skyline GT-R 9.86 @ 145 mph : Battle of the Imports November 2009. DSPORT R33 GT-R vs the YoParts R35 GT-R. The R35 got a bad start and Ed Bergenholtz let off. This was the best pass for the DSPORT R33 this day.  New Nitto drag radials were on the car. The NT05R. Very soft, big wide strip of rubber in the middle . The launches for the R33 were a little soft all day. Mike worked on it, but did not end up improving on this pass. This is the quickest pass for this car improving on its previous best 9.98 pass.

    CIMG6856 CIMG6850 CIMG6851 CIMG6853

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Cosworth Nissan GT-R VR38DETT Head Gaskets : SEMA 2009


    Cosworth showed their new head gaskets for the VR38DETT engine at the 2009 SEMA Show. There were not many details available at the show, but Cosworth products are always top notch, tested and engineered parts.

    Cosworth High Performance Head Gaskets are engineered to seal in power under the most demanding conditions. Constructed from stainless steel with a folded stopper layer, each application features superior sealing compared to conventional multi layer steel gaskets. Additionally, Cosworth High Performance Head Gaskets are manufactured from pre-coated die cut stainless steel resulting in uniform coating distribution and consistent shape.

    • Engineered specifically for sleeved large bore applications
    • Individual die cut layers of stainless steel with superior consistency compared to laser cut gaskets
    • Pre-coated stainless steel with a 0.25 micron layer of nitrile rubber ensures consistent distribution of coating with no high or low areas
    • Manufacturing dimensional tolerance of +/- 0.001
    • Die cut manufacturing process ensures smooth edges, unlike laser cut gaskets
    • Cosworth gaskets feature a folded stopper layer for additional torque around each cylinder. The width of sealing area is specific for each application thereby providing ultimate sealing properties
    • Available in a range of thicknesses for specific applications