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Dec 25, 2009

Seized Nissan Skyline GT-R – R33 For Auction

Edit: This might have been a Nissanie car.

Over at Jalopnik they posted a few pictures of a seized R33 GT-R that is up for auction. I do not think that this has anything directly to do with Kaizo. I don’t know what the funny VIN / Chassis number is. NM6AW-001022 is not a GT-R chassis number. It should be BCNR33-001022 if that is correct. Sometimes people read the top line off the blue plate and use that as a chassis code.

500x_nissan_r33_customs_07 500x_nissan_r33_customs_04 500x_nissan_r33_customs_08

Source : Jalopnik


Anonymous said...

NM, sounds like Nissanie Motorsports, pre-Kaizo.

Sean Morris said...

Yes, I think it might have been a Nissanie car.