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Aug 16, 2010

Heat Treatments R32 GT-R : Drag Racing

8-20 Update: Heat Treatments broke the output shaft on their Liberty transmission. The racing is over for this weekend. Next event is in November.

Update:  Testing in Australia, getting the clutch setup correct.  Best pass was a 7.73 @ 187 mph getting loose.

Update from Heat Treatments Team: 
We are having some success..but also having to re-adjust to this sticky track,so much different than what we are use to.
We are changing gearbox ratios today,as our 60ft times are suffering with the car bogging down,
as we normaly run consistant 1.18 1.20
And even on our last run of the day (7.73@187) we ran a 1.32 60ft and were 3 tenths slower to the half track, but the mph was good 149.8mph.

If we can find those 3 tenths to the half track?

Time will tell.

HTL Racing

The Worlds Fastest Nissan Skyline GT-R is in Australia at WIllowbank race track today doing some testing . The first pass resulted in a big bog, and they have adjusted the clutch to allow some more slip off the line.
Heat Treatments R32- tow
Check out the Heat Treatments Facebook page for updates.


nissan said...

Heats treatments nissan cars is the fastest car if we compared to others, they works best for drag racing. Now as some work is going on GT-R it will come up with more accurate results.

used car dealer NJ said...

I was unaware of the Hearts Treatments model before your blog. Thanks to know that Hearts Treatments is one of the fastest Nissan in the world.