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Jan 26, 2012

Jeremy Boddy Arrested: Multiple Counts of Fraud : Drift Tuners : JDM Experts

Updated with Peterborough Examiner info.

According to this newspaper article, and the NICO forums, Jeremy Boddy has been arrested and charged with eight counts of fraud.

When the each realized car seller was not able to deliver on their purchase, the incidents were reported to police. Police say eight victims were defrauded of $81,056 in total.
Jeremy Roger Boddy, 34, of Neptune Street, is charged with eight counts of fraud over $5,000.
He was released from custody and will appear in court this Friday (Jan. 27). 
Some more information from the Peterborough Examiner and Galen Eagle. The author managed to talk to several of the people allegedly scammed by Jeremy Boddy.  Not only were some scammed for deposits, but many for thousands more.  The police compared some of what Boddy was doing to a Ponzi scheme.

In an email to The Examiner, alleged victim Michael Holton of Texas said he paid Boddy in 2009 to import a Toyota Supra from Japan to the United States.
“He knew everything there was to importing…and even gave me a couple of people to call as referrals,” Holton said. “As soon as I wired him the money to get my car, I had a hard time getting a hold of him.”

I have been onto this guy, Jeremy, for a long time. His MO is a slick website, and $2,000-$3,000 deposits on cars.  He used a few company names over the years. Drift Tuners, JDM Experts, and Used JDM. . He made a lot of claims of what he did, who he was working with. He still managed to scam people, and live off other peoples money for years. Its a shame.

People just don't want to believe someone with a lot of experience in importing. They always want to take the easy way out, whether its weight loss or importing cars.   If there were some kind of loophole, or easy way, I would have found it, and I would be using it.  However, there isn't and there isn't an easy legal way to import cars until they are over 25 years old for the DOT and 21 years old for the EPA.  If you can't wait, then be prepared for the consequences.

Drift Tuners are back, and trying to scam more people. Watch out. I have been in contact with several people that have given Drift Tuners and Jeremy Boddy money on cars and never got a car. This guy is just continuing to scam people and bilk them out of money. Don't let yourself be a victim to this guy.

Using the JDM Experts Name. And posting yesterday. $2k deposits on cars.

Slick official looking website. Don't get caught up in this scam.
Here are some examples of the lies that Jeremy Boddy put out over the years. Its much easier to get some suckers to send you money, than actually do the work for importation. 
 Check out this email from Jeremy.

"We now offer DOT & EPA imports for U.S. street use which also includes a U.S. title. For more information please call us at 1-866-847-1407. This includes the Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline R33 and R34 from 1996 through 1998 and the Silvia S13, S14 and S15. We currently are updating the website to include the DOT, EPA and title within the price of our U.S. sales. Call or email us for more info. Our process no longer will include J.K. Tech, LLC. Therefore reducing the overall cost saving you money. Our process is $5,000 vs the $26,000 that J.K. Tech charges.

Jeremy Boddy
General Director"

Nice. $5000 with a title. Anyone that has actually ever even tried to get a title for a imported car, knows you are going to spend a lot of money. Just EPA work and compliance, and you are nearly at $5k.

I wonder what happened between them and JK. Have to follow up on this. These guys are just full of it.

I had an email the other day from someone that said they sent Drift Tuners $2000 for a deposit on a car. They had a lot of problems getting a hold of them after they sent the money. The car they wanted wasn't available, so the buyer found another, as they could not get a hold of Jeremy. I haven't heard if it had been settled, but I am sure that is how this kid is working. Just scamming one person after another.

Source: myKawartha , Peterborough Examiner and NICO


Anonymous said...

I could not be more pleased that Jeremy Boddy has FINALLY been arrested he scammed me and other people that I know and love back in 2005. Justice will be served and since I live in Peterborough I will be watching with great interest to make sure this man does not hurt any more of my friends and family. Pay back is WONDERFUL.

garage equipment said...

Its sad to hear those things. I guess you were right, justice will be soon finalized. I'm wishing for faster decision.