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Jan 9, 2012

Nurburgring : Drone's Eye View

KIPPENBERGER DRONE SHOWREEL 2011 from christopher kippenberger on Vimeo.
This is pretty cool. Great way to use some of what is availalbe now, to make some great footage. Helicopters, planes, and blimps have been used for years for sports coverage. Now with the advent of cheap planes, cheap cameras, and in some cases even live streaming, get some new views and new takes on events.

This video was produced by German firm Kippenberger, which is looking to bring affordable airborne videos to ze German car scene. Renting a helicopter for the day can cost up to $50,000 before the red tape of arranging air space permits. Drones could be flying at Cars and Coffee tomorrow.

"I am interested in the new wave of car filming similar to what Brainfarm did for snowboarding," Kippenberger tells Jalopnik. "I believe it is time to start rethinking how to bring car visuals like Intersection did for print. There are few guys out there doing it — tangentvector is one of them — they inspire me to break free for the shackles of Top Gear thinking, which is basically a tv format from yesteryear, and go for some newer ideas."

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