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Jul 16, 2015

RB26 : Twin Turbo vs Single Turbo : The Video to Answer the Question

We asked this question many years ago. Which makes more sense? Which is better? Why is one better?   Andrew from MotiveDVD has answered the question in this latest video. In the video, his R32 GT-R has ran as fast as 10.9@131 mph in the quarter mile on the twins.  He switches from the twins to a single Garrett GTX turbo.

The results might be different if you are comparing an older single turbo vs the twins, then they might be pretty close. However with a more modern turbo like the GTX, we see a pretty big difference.
  • 10%+ Higher pressure ratio compared to traditional GT compressor wheel designs
  • Forged, fully machined wheels (billet) for expedited release
  • 11 Full-blade design for improved efficiency and ultra quiet operation
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The never ending debate for RB26 owners. Low mount twins our single when upgrading from stock turbos and your looking for the best balance of response and power.
Our R32 GT-R project car already had 10-second performance and was a responsive daily driveable street car, but would a single make it better or worse?
We do a back to back comparison between low mount bolt-on twins and a medium frame GTX3582R turbo to see which is better, with results taken from:
- The dyno
- The dragstrip
- The road
We've made up our mind. Will you?

It was interesting to see them running the small foot T3 divided turbo inlet, with a big housing 1.01.

Now we need to go look up the specs of their R32.

Turbo PNCHRA PNInd Whl Dia(mm)Exd Whl Dia(mm)TrimA/RWhl Dia(mm)TrimA/R

Kind of odd that they were the -7 (N1 equivalent) vs the -5 (2530 equivalent). All the specs are about the same, except the inducer wheel diameter, which changes the trim, and the turbine trim.

Turbo PNCHRA PNInd Whl Dia(mm)Exd Whl Dia(mm)TrimA/RWhl Dia(mm)TrimA/R
Turbos for RB26

Motive DVD had -5 internals put into a -7 front cover.  Made good power for what it was.  Over 300kw once they changed the fuel pump. More once they went to a stand alone ECU.

Some of our plots of bolt on under manifold turbo setups on an RB26.

Some single turbos

Some singles and twins plotted together

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