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Jul 29, 2015

Want to Start Your Own Left Hand Drive Nissan Skyline GT-R Business?

Left Hand Drive R33 Skyline GT-R

Proving once again, that right to left hand drive conversions are a tough business, the guys over at LHD-GTR.Com have decided to sell off their molds, tools, and business on ebay. They gave it a go for a few years, but honestly few people want to spend the money and expense to convert the cars to left hand drive, unless they are required to.

Left hand drive R33 GT-R
Selling Nissan Skyline GT-R's here in the US for over 16 years, with no requirement for left hand drive, we get an occasional person that wants a left hand drive, but 99.9% of the people want to keep the car as it was built.  This means in real life, very few actual customers.   It gets down to personal preference, and how much time and money someone wants to outlay.

They even moved the mirror and window switches

If you want to own the molds, and knowledge to convert an R33 to left hand drive, you can find the eBay listing here. Its at $3050 USD right now. 

Left hand drive Nissan Skyline GT-R conversion
Elitetech Automotive are the owners of
We developed and built LHD R33 GT-R Skyline to the highest possible standard.

Due to a change of business direction, we have now decided to auction off all the equipment, tools, molds and knowledge that we developed for this car.
PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE NOT BUYING A VEHICLE,  You will receive the following only:

1. Fibre Glass molds:
     Dashboard (4 piece mold)
     Dashboard Finisher (1 piece mold)
     LH Door insert mold (1 piece mold)
     RH Door insert mold (1 piece mold)
     Wiper Cowl cover mold (1 piece mold)

2. Tools / Fixtures
     Dashboard cross car beam template

3. CAD
    All files used for laser cut parts
    Wiring diagrams to aid harness modification

4. Parts
     Steel: Full vehicle set of laser cut steel parts.  This includes everything on the excel file below.
     Fibreglass: We have some practice dashboard parts, but nothing we wanted to put into a vehicle.  We wil linclude these.
     Electrical: We have various parts remaining from the conversion, mainly only electrical parts, but we will include everything we have remaining.

5. 'How to make conversion' document, including many photographs and full 'bill of materials' for the build, including the Nissan part numbers we use.

In winning this auction, you will have all the data required to make 1 vehicle conversion, but also retain the molds/tools to make further vehicle conversions yourself!
Please note, this is not a complete kit and you will have to source your own steering rack,

Buy USA Legal R32 Skylines at! for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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