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Nov 9, 2015

HKS High Deck RB26 2.8 Liter Block for Sale on eBay

HKS High Deck Block 2.8 liter RB26

This is something you don't see come up for sale much. A supposed 1 of 20 HKS High Deck RB26.  Bid on it on eBay here - for the next 22 days. 

This auction is for a 2.8L HKS Hi-Deck block for the RB26DETT GTR. This is a fully assembled bottom end still in original crate and wrapping. It has only been opened once to take photos and check the condition. It has been properly stored and is in brand new condition.
The HKS Hi-Deck crate motor has a HKS Racing Block, HKS forged pistons, HKS billet long stroke conrods, HKS billet crankshaft, HKS main and rod bearings, HKS spacer plate, etc. (All custom made) The block has been reinforced and had the water jackets filled.
The block will work in any R32, R33, or R34 GTR running an RB26DETT as the blocks are interchangeable.
These were produced in the early 2000’s after the success of the HKS R33 drag car, which ran a 7s 1/4 mile. The block is good for 1500hp and can rev to 13,000RPM. All other GTR’s that have run this motor have cracked 7 or 8s passes. These blocks are as rare as you can get in the GTR scene.
HKS only ever produced 20 of these RB28 engine blocks. To name a few cars which have featured this engine have been: HKS R33 GTR drag car; Endless R GTR; Sumo Power R33 GTR; SVA R34 GTR; GTC GTR; Jonah Lomu’s R34 GTR. (All world famous within the GTR community)
Inside the crate is the official paperwork done by HKS.

We wrote about this block a while back. The elusive HKS “high deck” block. It appears to be only a sleeved and deck plated block. They probably run a long rod in it to make some more torque. This was supposedly the block in the 7 second HKS Drag R33. There are a couple guys in the UK running it, and a few of the more serious drag GT-R’s in Japan.

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