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Nov 16, 2015

HICAS and the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

HICAS.  Super HICAS. Four Wheel steering. 4WS. People say all kinds of things.  The R32 GT-R technically has Super HICAS on it. Its a hydraulic mechanical four wheel steering system.  The OEM power steering pump has 2 stages. One for the front steering rack, and a rear stage for the rear steering rack.

Not a lot of people like the system. It can fault. It can leak. It sometimes does odd things. When the rear wheels steer it can be a bit unsettling.  The system is very similar to the 300ZX system. Also it can be found on a number of other Nissans.

The original purpose was to help with handling, and even low speed maneuvering. At higher speeds the rear wheels turn in the direction of the front wheels, making things like lane changes a little easier. At low speeds they turn counter, allowing the vehicle to have a tighter turning radius.

You can see in the above diagram, the rear wheels on turn in, go counter the front wheels. This helps to rotate the rear end of the car. They then turn in the direction of the front wheels to try and keep everything in line.

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Self Diagnostic Procedure and HICAS trouble codes

Even Porsche has an optional rear wheel steering setup on many of its cars.

"The 918 Spyder made its debut with active rear-axle steering in 2013. We had to wait a few years before it was made available on the 991.1 GT3. Now, this technology is ten years in production, and you no longer have to purchase a supercar or GT3 to take advantage of this technology. You can purchase that option on a 911 Carrera S. Yes, on a new 911 Carrera S,"

The system.

R32 GT-R Super Hicas specifications

OEM R32 GT-R Steering Wheel

Early wheel on the left, late wheel on the right. Notice the position of the square cutouts. HICAS R32 GT-R steering wheel

R32 GT-R Power Steering pump. Front side is for front rack. Rear side is for HICAS rack
Rear steering rack. HICAS rack. Rear wheel steering
R32 GT-R Super HICAS electrical system diagram
HICAS ECU terminal signals

How to Bleed Super Hicas without a Consult.

Aftermarket steering wheel with HICAS boss


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