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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rare NISMO OptionR32 GT-R Parts : AC Condenser - Oil Cooler Combo

Is this cooler 1/2 to 3/4 as good as a normal  A/C condenser? The nice part about it, is that its well protected. However your A/C may not be as cold as you like. Compromises. Versus not having A/C, we will try this out and see how it goes.   The oil cooler is a bit weird with two 90 degree fittings on it. Cooler looks like it is a Setrab core, around a 925.   This part is going into NISMO #500.  It was cleaned up and painted with a light coat of radiator black.

Since an RB26 puts a ton of heat into the oil, this is a great way to try and keep a pretty mild GT-R's oil temps under control.  More information about oil cooling for a Nissan Skyline GT-R. 

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Camshaft Clearance Adjustment and Check for an RB26DETT Engine

Super Taikyu R34 N1 with NISMO built engine. Altia R34 as ran in World Challenge in the USA. 
Setting valve or tappet clearance in an RB26 engine. The RB26DETT engine is a shim under bucket, twin cam, 24 valve engine.   The stock cams are a 32 mm base circle. There are some aftermarket cams that are a 30 mm base circle.  These smaller base circle cams require a taller bucket, custom shims, or custom valve stem clearancing.

  • Camshafts
    • Intake 8.58 240 duration 113 deg Lobe Center -R34N1 117 deg Lobe Center
    • Exhaust 8.28 236 duration 125 deg Lobe Center-R33N1 120 deg Lobe Center - R34N1 121 deg
  • Camshaft Seals - 13042-16V00 (Same as 240SX)

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Stock exhaust cam in an RB26 head
The exhaust valve clearance is tighter than the intake side, as the exhaust valves are sodium filled from the factory. If you change intake or exhaust valves, check with your parts manufacturer for recommended tolerances.  Too tight, or too loose are both bad things, that can rob you of horsepower.


  1. The RB26 has a long camshaft. If you are not careful when loosening or tightening it, you can snap it in half. 
  2. Shim under bucket means the camshaft will be in and out of the head a few times to get the clearance correct
  3. If you are using aftermarket parts, try and use them as a set. Camshaft, springs, buckets, retainers. Mixing and matching is a recipe for disaster. 
  4. More than around 9.15 mm of lift needs cam lobe clearance. The head needs to come off, and it has to be ground to clear for a tall lobe, UNLESS its a 30 mm base circle cam, and under about 11.15 lift. 
  5. Small base circle cams NEED taller buckets, or custom shims. 

Valve clearance Intake cold - 0.45 mm +/- 0.03 mm
Valve clearance Exhaust cold - 0.38 mm +/- 0.03 mm

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Monday, April 18, 2016

How to Read Check Engine or Catalytic Converter - Exhaust Overtemp Light in a R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

The check engine or ECCS check light on a R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R is a tricky light, because it is hidden as the cat overtemp light or exhaust gas temperature warning lamp.   The catalytic converter/exhaust gas overtemp warning is not something we normally see in the US.

The light also functions as what we would normally call a check engine light. If there is a fault with one of the major systems associated with the ECU, you will see it light up.

The system is pretty basic. Items need to be pretty far outside of parameter to set a light/code. If you were just driving at high speed for a while, and you get the light, it may be the cat overtemp/exhaust gas temp light.

If the light flashes a lot as you drive, it could also be a bad exhaust gas temp sensor. If there are no codes, check the sensor. It plugs into a bung in the catalytic converter. It passes through the floor under the passenger seat. Unplugging it will keep the light off.  Since this sensor is not a requirement in most of the world, you can probably get by without it.

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Code 11 - crank angle sensor signal system
Code 12 - Air flow meter signal system
Code 13 - Engine temperature signal system
Code 21 - Ignition signal system
Code 34 - Detonation sensor signal system
Code 41 - Intake temperature sensor signal system
Code 43- Throttle sensor signal system
Code 51 - No error


Friday, April 15, 2016

How to Close the Hood or Bonnet on a Nissan Skyline GT-R

The hood, or bonnet to those people in the Commonwealth world, is aluminum on a Nissan Skyline GT-R. Aluminum is light, but like a beer can, it can be dented by hand. We often see people close a GT-R hood by pressing down on it with their hands. This can dent the hood. Now you know. Spread the info. 

Carbon fiber or fiberglass wont dent. Regular steel hoods, you would have to try hard to dent, but this is a good habit to get into.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Supertec Spline Drive Oil Pump for RB26DETT

OEM oil pump 81mm Supertec RB26 spline drive
In stock in the USA. OEM, N1, Tomei sized Supertec RB26dett oil pump spline drives.  Check them out here -

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JUN oil pump cracked at the flats. The Spline drive addresses this weakness with ALL stock based RB26 oil pumps. 

We launched the Spline Drive RB26 oil pump gear kits back in 2014 after a long R&D process to offer a product that not only improves the over all strength of the pump gears as upgrades for the N1 and OEM pumps, but also changes in the way in which the gears engage with the crank. As per Toyota’s 2JZ GTE engine we found the best solution would be to incorporate a spline engagement which would totally eliminate the underpinnings of Nissans troublesome flat drive design.

The RB26 is a legendary engine in its own right and an iconic powerhouse amongst enthusiasts and tuners all over the world. One aspect of the engine that is considered its Achilles heel is certainly the oil pump. Over the years there have been reports of numerous failures where the inner and sometimes the outer gears have broken during hard use of the engine be it on the road or on track or drag. Contrary to popular belief the wider nose crank which was introduced on BNR32 models from Feb 93 onwards and standard on BCNR33 and BNR34 models, while reducing the possibility to a degree did not eliminate the issue fully.

Various attempts were made over the years to address the issues, Tomei, Jun, Greddy, HKS and Reimax (Japan) and Nitto (Australia) all made uprated pumps with bigger diameter and thicker pump gears to increase flow and overall strength which is much needed on track or on a high revving RB26 to ensure the engine has ample oil supply and durability. However they are based on the flat drive design.
Nissans own OEM pump (81mm outer pump gear) as supplied from the factory along with the N1 pump (77mm) utilise gears made from sintered metal which is weaker than billet steel equivalents. The Nismo pump is a steel version of the N1 with same flow and pressure. Reimax offers a billet steel gear upgrade kit for both OEM and N1 pumps, but upon testing we found clearances to be greater than stock N1, OEM and Nismo pumps, which in our view would increase potential failure.

Supertec Spline Drive - Tomei Oil Pump

Tomei Oil pump is considered the mother of all RB26 oil pumps. Picture below showing Tomei gears vs Supertec Spline Drive gears. Spline Drive with a Spline collar fitted to the crank provides a more efficient drive of the inner gear due to multiple splines that provide equal grip compared to a 3/16″ contact as per the OEM Nissan flat drive.
The design of pump used on a RB engine is where the inner gear runs at the engine speed – at high RPMs they tend to suffer from cavitation.

Cavitation occurs at higher rpms and the forces and stress placed on the gears have known to break the inner gears most commonly on N1 and OEM pumps but to a lesser extent also on the heavy duty Tomei pumps. Spline drive will not eliminate cavitation but would offer much improved strength due to reasons mentioned above.
Failure does not result from cavitation only, but also when using launch control or frequently hitting the rev limiter. The back and forth movement coupled with shock loads are enough to shatter the gears.

What is involved in fitting the gear kit? The process is relatively straight forward on the pump side, N1, Nismo, OEM, Jun and Greddy pumps only require the backing plate to be removed and gears to be replaced where as the Tomei pump backing plate needs the hole in the backing plate enlarged a little (full details provided in the manual).
Fitting the collar will require the crank to be machined and the splined collar to be press fitted, for additional reliability it is recommended that grub screws are fitted.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Smoking Tire Nissan Skyline GT-R One Take

The Smoking Tire Nissan Skyline GT-R

Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire purchased a 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R from International Vehicle Importers earlier this year.  Check out his One Take video. 

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16 Inch Tire Options for Stock R32 GT-R Wheels

NISMO R32 GT-R on stock 16 inch wheels. 

Do you have an R32 GT-R on stock wheels?  Not a lot of people keep the stock wheels, but if you are, and are looking for some performance tire options, what is out there?

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The stock wheels are a good OEM wheel. They aren't light, they are durable, and light enough.  16 inches by 8 inches wide, 30 offset.  Stock tires are a 225/50/16.  Can you run different sized tires front to back on a GT-R? Answer with why not here!

Road course/track day/ street tires

Bridgestone RE-71R - 200 treadwear, but fast

92V SL
200 A A1,389 lbs.51 psi8/32"24 lbs.6-8"7"9.2"7.6"24.9"837JP

Toyo R888 - 100 treadwear  

245/45/16 is 24.4 tall, which is 1.5 inches shorter. 

195/50ZR1684WSLBSW6.41682905.5-6.0-7.0207.523.57.910.9110251100 AA A883
205/55ZR1690WSLBSW6.31682205.5-6.5-7.5227.924.78.411.4132351100 AA A840
225/45ZR1689WSLBSW6.31682607.0-7.5-8.5218.723.89.011.0127951100 AA A872
225/50ZR1692WSLBSW6.31681506.0-7.0-8.0248.724.79.311.4138951100 AA A840
245/45R1694WSLBSW6.31680307.5-8.0-9.0249.424.49.811.3147751100 AA A850
255/50ZR1699WSLBSW6.41680507.0-8.0-9.02710.025.910.611.8170951100 AA A803

Nitto has an NT01  100 treadwear


We have used the Bridgestone RE-71R, the R888, and the NT01 on street/track cars. They are all fast and predictable tires. Our experience with the RE-71R is fairly limited, but extensive with the R888, and NT01. Both of them are very durable, and forgiving as a track day tire.  They won't last forever, don't overheat them, and they will treat you well. 

NISMO on 16 inch Mickey Thompson Drag Radials, and 18 inch R888. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Carstories - Petersen Automotive Museum - Sean Morris of International Vehicle Importers

Calsonic Blue R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R. NISMO LM-GT Magnesium Wheels

Check out this episode of Carstories.

"Sean Morris of International Vehicle Importers joins A.J. on the weekly CarStories Podcast to clear up any and all questions you might have regarding the 25 year import rule on all JDM and foreign automobiles."

  Car Stories - Sean Morris

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In a MotoRex R32 GT-R at Willow Springs around 1999.

NISMO R32 at Buttonwillow in 2014

R32, Hakosuka, R34, NISMO R32