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Oct 2, 2016

How To Install a Six Speed Getrag Transmission in an R32/R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R

R32 GT-R and R34 Super Taikyu race car

There were two main transmissions used in the Nissan Skyline GT-R's from 1989-2002.  The R32 and R33 used a 5 speed transmission from Nissan(FS5R30A), and the R34 GT-R used a 6 speed transmission from Getrag V160(FS6A93A). The FS5R30A is very similar to the 300ZX transmission internally. The Getrag is the same transmission as used in the Toyota Supra. The input shaft and main shaft are unique to the GT-R, the rest of the internal parts are interchangeable. R32/R33 has 4.111 gear ratio, the R34 has a 3.545 gear ratio.  We have seen people running 4.3, 4.111, 3.7, and 3.54 on R32/R33/R34.

Getrag V160 in an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R
Getrag V160 in an R32 GT-R

The Getrag is loud at idle. The synchros aren't that durable. Even though the Supra guys run them pretty hard, we break weird hard parts in them.  They are a newer transmission and offer 6 speeds. The price on them is going up, but they are still a popular swap.  Nissan Skyline GT-R Transmission and Upgrade information

Normal R32/R33  1 3.214 2 1.925 3 1.302  4 1.000 5 .752
275/40/17 - 46 mph 77mph 114 mph 148 mph 197 mph
RPM Drop on 8000 shift 8000 rpm 4750 rpm 5400 rpm 6250 rpm 6000 rpm
Final Ratio - 4.111
Normal R34 1.3.827 2. 2.360 3. 1.685 4. 1.312 5 1.000 6 0.793
245/40/18 45 mph 73 mph 102 mph 131 mph 172 mph 217 mph
Final Ratio- 3.545

OEM transmission length

  • FS5R30A
    • Bellhousing to Flange
      • 38.5 inches
  • Getrag FS6R93A
    • Bellhousing to Flange
      • 39.5 inches

Parts Needed

Nissan/Nismo says that the R32 body/chassis needs to be slightly modified to fit the Getrag.  We have put several in cars, and not had to alter anything. However we have talked to people that have had issues, from the firewall to right behind where the transfercase is mounted.  So it may take a 5 lb sledge to "clearance" some cars. 

Complete Getrag swap for an R32/R33 GT-R.

Complete Getrag swap for an R32/R33 GT-R. 
  1. Getrag transmission with clutch release assembly
  2. Transfercase (bolt pattern and input shaft are different)
  3. Shifter assembly
  4. Driveshaft (you can get by with changing one section)
  5. Front propshaft (different length)
  6. Clutch (OEM R34 is pull type)
  7. Crossmember (the OEM R32/R33 can be modified to work)
  8. Transmission mount (R32/R33 and R34 are different bolt spacing)
  9. Wiring harness changes (reverse and netural)
  10. Various bolts
  11. Specific fluid

The transmission itself, with proper bellhousing. 

R34 GT-R Getrag transmission FS6R93A - 32010-AA410 (discontinued)

One Getrag V160 for a Nissan. 
Find Getrag V160 for Nissan Skyline here!

A Nissan V160 Getrag getting a rebuild by Suzuki from Shift Racing. 

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Transfercase - The Getrag uses a specific transfercase, so you can't just reuse the one off your R32/R33.

R34 race car transfercase with cooling. Notice no wire to speed sensor

Dirty Getrag with transfercase. They can often puke fluid out of the transfercase.


Shifter assembly. Obviously the 6 speed shifter and knob is different than the 5 speed.

Wires, wires everywhere. 


Driveshaft - The R32/R33/R34 use a two piece driveshaft.  You can get by, with just changing one section of the shaft.

Top is a Nissan Skyline factory driveshaft. The bottom is a carbon fiber for a GMC Syclone/Typhoon


Front propshaft - The length is different between the R32/R33 and R34. R32/R33 flange to flange, not overall length is 27 inches.  The R34/Getrag flange to flange is 28 inches.

This Getrag has been converted to push style clutch actuation. 
R34/Getrag front propshaft 28 inches flange to flange. One inch longer than an R32/R33 propshaft

R34/Getrag front propshaft 28 inches flange to flange


Clutch - The OEM clutch is a pull style clutch. Most aftermarket clutches are push style. Most. The exceptions being Exedy/NISMO.  Push vs Pull Clutch information

This Getrag is in process of getting converted from pull to push actuation

Getrag throwout converted to push style clutch actuation

Getrag with a hydraulic release bearing


Crossmember.  You can swap the crossmember if you want, or just modify your OEM one. Two bolt holes, slightly different spot.

Now if I remembered which was which....


Transmission mount- See above


Wiring harness changes - The plugs are different. The circuit is pretty basic. We will find the proper diagram and put it here eventually.


Various bolts - Some are different.


Specific Fluid -  Don't try and fill it through the gear shifter. Through the gear shifter is the transfer case . 

R34 Getrag V160 Nissan transmission oil or fluid KLD40-00004

The Getrag uses Nissan part KLD40-00004  or  08885-01306 from Toyota, or we have used Redline High Temp ATF, and Royal Purple ATF.

08885-01306 Getrag V160 Fluid for an R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Everything is pretty straightforward. Remove the old transmission, install the Getrag. If you have all the right parts it should go smoothly. We have seen NISMO mention that the floor needs some hammering, but we didn't run into that issue in the R32 GT-R's that we have done. The recommended gear ratio is 3.7. Splitting the difference between the R32/R33 4.111 and the R34 3.545.  If you have ever seen the Mines R34 getting down on video, we think that car is running the Getrag with 4.3 gears. Using some mechanical advantage.

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Anonymous said...

Did you use part of the GMC Driveshaft to make the custom driveshaft for the Getrag conversions? Anymore details on how the driveshaft was made of converted.

Sean Morris said...

No. Just the first picture I could find of a Skyline GT-R driveshaft.

westonstarauto said...

The subaru is called the BR-Z and the scion FR-S but the GT86 is from toyota BTW :)

Kunal said...

Sean, great info here. I've got the getrag conversion done now on my BCNR33 and am considering just going for an aftermarket aluminum or carbon driveshaft. Any idea if an off the shelf piece (perhaps for the R34?) would work or will I need to go the custom route?

Thanks in advance!

Sean Morris said...


I was going to say R34, but I am pretty sure there are length differences. Been a while since I had all the parts on the ground, so my memory isn't the best. I need to measure some propshafts and driveshafts next chance I get. The R34 shaft we had, needed a spacer to work.