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May 19, 2017

Nissan Skyline Power Steering System Information and Troubleshooting

Nissan Power Steering System Information

OEM wheel outer diameter 370 mm 
Turns lock to lock - 2.6
Model PR25SE
R32 Early Steering Gear/ Rack Part Number 49001-05u00
R33 Steering Gear/Rack Part Number 49001-24U00
Fluid Capacity - Approx 0.9 L

R32 Steering Wheel installation and tightening torque

GT-R Steering Force Inspection

Flowchart A

Flowchart B

Flowchart C

Flowchart D

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Flowchart - Electrical control power steering

Flowchart P

Flowchart Q

Power Steering Electrical Circuit Diagram

Check out pages CH291- CH333 in the R32 GT-R service manual for more information.

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