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Aug 18, 2017

RB26 - Nissan Skyline GT-R Oil Leaks

The hot side of an RB26

The RB26 is not the most simple engine on earth. There are lots of places for an oil leak. Here are a few of the most common engine oil leaks.  Although along with engine oil you can have front diff leak, power steering, transmission, transfercase, ATTESA system, and rear end leaks.

K&N HP 2008 Oil Filter for RB26

Oil Filter

The first easy one.  When you change the oil on an RB26, oil will often leak and pool on the top of the front diff.  Do your best to clean it off, otherwise you might be hunting something that isn't there, when you see a little puddle under your car.

Oil pools on the front differential. 

Oil change and filter

Oil Filter -

Half Moon.  These get crispy, its a good idea to replace them. 11051-58S00
Rotted half moon from Sean Kirby - the other Sean. We are the Seans. 

Half Moons

The "1/2 moon" at the back of the head. These get crispy, its a good idea to replace them. 11051-58S00

Exhaust cam cover removed
Cam Cover/ Valve Cover

Often the bolts and cam cover grommets get loose.  They are rubber with a metal washer. The trick is to tighten them tight enough, without over tightening them.  Part number for the grommets 13268-58S01

Hot side, oil and water lines to the turbo. Heater core hose

Oil pump, cracked or broken at the flats

Camshaft Seal

Camshaft Seals - 13042-16V00 (Same as 240SX)

Front Main Seal

Hate to break it to you like this. If it is leaking out of the front main seal, the oil pump is probably cracked at the flats.  13510-19V00

Rear Main Seal

Rear main seal 12279-5L310

The rear main seals really don't go bad that often. When/if you are doing the clutch, replace the rear main seal. It is just a good practice.  Also replace the pilot bearing/bushing. You don't have to, but as long as you are there.   12279-5L310


Oil coating the inlet pipe to the rear turbo, RB26

The turbos have supply and drains.  Each supply has several areas it can leak.  Each drain has several areas it can leak. Since this is the hot side of the engine, a leak here can flash into a fire. Be very cautious of any leaks on this side of the engine.

The rear turbo is hooked to the PCV or positive crankcase ventilation system. It is sucking in air from the exhaust side cam cover, and since they are hooked together, both cam covers. This oil will often pool in the inlet side to the rear turbo.   The RB26 whips up a lot of oil, or aerates

Catch can information

Oil Cooler

The OEM oil/water heat exchanger or oil cooler has the oil temperature sender, and the oil pressure sender in it. We have seen it leak from here.

R32, R33, and R34 RB26dett Oil Pressure Sender- 25070-30P01 

R32, R33, and R34 RB26dett Oil Pressure Sender- 25070-30P01 

R32, R33, and R34 RB26dett Oil Pressure Sender- 25070-30P01 

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