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Aug 21, 2017

Zexel Nissan Skyline GT-R Race Car - Spa Francorchamps

Zexel BNR32 GT-R Race car

Thanks to Sato from Toprank for the pictures of this R32 race car.  This car has some interesting history from what we can tell.  The car now appears to have all the features of a Group A car. That is altered suspension pickup points, trailing calipers, center lock wheels.  From what we can tell this is how the car looked when it raced in 1992.  In 1991, the car won the 24 hours of Spa Francorchamps.  From what is said about this car, this is a recreation because the original was hurt in a fire.

Watching the video, the car had a pit fire during refueling at night. While the fire was pretty intense, it really didn't look like it did much more than superficial damage.


This car is chassis number BNR32-000351, which started life as a gunmetal street car, according to GT-R Registry. 

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State of the art, wind down windows in an R32 GT-R

Reinik built engine. Take some notes. This is a Group A engine. 

Oil pressure, boost, and tach.  Everything you ever need for racin'.

Note subframe mounting, and shock mounting. Fabricated rear hub

Note shock mounting, oil cooler, and sway bar mounting

On/Off, start, pump cooler controls. 4WD/ETS switch. Fuel pump switch. Three dials. One is for ETS program, the other two, engine mapping/boost perhaps. 

A proper exit point for an exhaust

Center lock wheels, trailing front calipers

Oil cooler and lines. Extended oil sump. Billet sway bar mount

Fire extinguisher bottle, and air jack


Factory appearing ECU

Engine, turbos, and MAF. 
ATTESA ECU, and a horrible way to mount harnesses. Don't do this at home

Centerlock rear wheel

G-sensor in the middle. They should have painted it pink, like the one in our R34 race car. 

All business in the cockpit with the proper Nismo steering wheel

Four coolers. Note the subframe mounting, and Hicas

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