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Oct 17, 2017

R32 Nissan Skyline Jack Points - Jacking Points - Lift Points

Huge transmission, or tiny jack? 

When done wrong, this small thing can cause a lot of issues.  Most service jacks that you find, have a flat jack pad. This jack pad gives you lots of options for a car with a full frame, but for a car like a Nissan Skyline, that is a unibody, you have to be a little more careful where you jack.

2 Post Lift, or Floor Rack

Lifting an R32 on a rack

Hydraulic Jack

Most people won't have a jack long enough to hit either of those two lifting points.  They are a significant way under the car.   We have lifted from the tow hook, which won't lift evenly, but is pretty easy to hit, even with a lowered car.   We have also lifted from the front of the tension rod for the front.   At the rear, just under the differential is pretty easy to hit, and will lift the car evenly.

LM4086-0200 and LM4519-0000 Safety stand lifting point jacking point adapters

LM4519-0000 is the Safety stand attachment also sometimes called a jack adapter, however it seems like it may never even existed as a thing. According to forum posts, Kent Moore says its a bad part number, Nissan says its discontinued. Even though even as recently the Nissan Rouge service manuals call for the part. 

LM4086-0200 is the board on attachment

Don't be this guy.

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