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Oct 16, 2017

Nissan Skyline Insurance : JDM Vehicle Insurance

This question pops up about one to two times a day on the Facebook Skyline groups.  Insurance is required in  many/most areas to be able to legally drive your vehicle on the roads.

The issues that people normally run into are that the Nissan Skyline has a short VIN or chassis number that does not conform to US FMVSS standards from 1981 up.  However these vehicles, that are over 25 years old, are FMVSS exempt.  So like vehicles older than 1981, it is possible to enter and get a quote.

Insurance itself is tied to many factors, so the actual numbers of what people pay, are pretty much irrelevant.  For everyone person that has State Farm, Progressive, or Geico, there are two others that got denied.

This poll was posted in one group.  As you can see the majority of owners were covered by USAA. Many ex-military in the owners groups.

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