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Oct 12, 2017

RB26DETT Timing Belt Tensioner Failure

All the balls are on the left side. 

Sean Kirby, aka the other Sean, or am I the other Sean, either way, posted these pictures of a tensioner bearing failure.   He says that this is most likely the original timing belt.  The belt, tensioner, idler, and spring should be replaced every 60,000 miles.  If you don't know if it has been replaced, with certainty, replace it. Always a good idea to do the water pump at the same time, as it is behind the timing belt.

Parts for RB26 Timing Belt Change

Timing belt -13028-20P25
Tensioner- 13070-42L00
Idler- 13074-58S00
Tensioner Spring- 13072-58S10

Water Pump - 21010-21U26
N1 Water Pump - 21010-24U27

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It has lost all its balls

Belt doesn't look that great either. 

No balls

Where are its balls?  

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