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Jun 28, 2018

R's Day 2018 : Auto Club Speedway in Fontana : Bluecar Prep

R's Day 2018 is coming to Fontana - Auto Club Speedway on October 6th, 2018.

2017 - SpeedHunters

Once again, the plan is to take the Bluecar out.  Since last year, we have been working on a few things for the car. It went to Hoonigan Donut Garage, but other than that just has a few street miles on it.

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Doing some light changes. Part of it is done, some parts need to be worked on. 1250cc long nose injectors are in. Have a stock fuel rail that will have to go out to Alex Rodriguez to modify for a -8 feed and return. Have to figure out what fuel pumps I am going to run in this car. The NISMO has Frenchy's, but this car will probably go with some Walboros I bought before I purchased the Frenchy's setup.  Nistune with Flex fuel board is in. Need to install Innovate ECB-1.  Then switch the intake setup around a bit. Nissan/R35 MAF in HPI adaptors connected to the stock airbox.   Have some new suspension that hopefully gets here and installed in time.  Should make the car a little more compliant on the street.

Cooling everything down for the fuel injector swap

Swapped from the light blue 720cc injector

Long nose 1250cc injectors. Giving these ones a try.  They are 10.5 mm top and fit in the stock fuel rail

  • 6 x Bosch Motorsport fuel injectors (950cc or 1250cc @ 3bar)
    • Stainless steel internals - COMPATIBLE with all common fuel types
    • Bosch EV1 electrical connectors - NO electrical adaptor required however wiring extention may be needed
    • Custom top adaptors to suit factory RB26 10.5mm fuel rail
  • 1 x NZEFI ballast resistor delete kit

Getting more in the black and blue theme. The belt cover is off to verify timing

Added carbon fiber radiator panel. Trying to get as much air as possible through the radiator. 
Moved the two horns that were blocking a big part of the grill. Horns may be needed, but cooling is more importanter.

ARC Twin entry intercooler piping

Cam timing. 

New injectors 1250cc. Had to remove OEM wiring channel for the connectors to reach.

HKS hard inlet piping to rear turbo

Installing a stock airbox

2017 setup

Radiator and cooling : Swapped to an aluminum radiator, and silicone hoses in 2017. 

Tires and Wheels.  Used the BBS 18 x 10 +20 wheels, and Bridgestone RE-71 tires. These were used take offs from the R-Tuned Van. These same wheels and tires will be on for 2018

Brakes. We ran the Hawk DTC60 pads in the car for R's Day, but it was sold cold and wet, we never really got to use them. They were giving me some shudder. Two pad compounds mixing is not normally a good thing. I never got around to cleaning up the pads or rotors. Such is life. Shudder under braking.

Tune and Engine.  This car has a set of HKS turbos on it, ARC twin entry intercooler. Hard HKS inlet piping. The car currently has Z32 MAF. The tune on this car is really good.

So from here, lets get to trying to improve it.  The plan is to swap the Z32 meters which are 80 mm, to a stock size 65 mm MAF housing with the Nissan blade style mass air flow sensors.  This will then parallel our setup for our NISMO #500.  Never made it around to doing this, but the parts are on the way.

Ignition CoilsSwapped the stock ignition coils for R35 coils. Why? Well the newer coils are just that newer. They have been used in R35 GT-R up above 2000hp, so they should work out well on a 500 hp RB26.

Transmission. We took the Getrag out, and sold it to one of our friends. So the car is back to an OEM 5 Speed trans with a NISMO Coppermix twin plate clutch. The slave cylinder was replaced.

Fluids : Mentioning fluids is like mentioning religion to most hardcore car guys. They have their oil god they believe in, everyone else's oil god is fake.  This car has the trans out of NISMO #500. So it had Redline Shockproof Light and Heavy mix.  Diffs had fluid in them. Transfer had fluid in it. Engine oil was changed about 100 miles into the break in. Royal Purple 10-30 was put in. K&N HP 2008 oil filter attached to the Greddy remote oil locator and oil cooler.

Suspension. Suspension wise, the car is on Buddy Club coil overs, with Swift Springs. Has NISMO, and other parts in the suspension, so looks capable. Would have liked to corner balance, and string the car, but as we said in the start, only so many hours in the day. The NISMO strut tower brace isn't installed in the pics, but it is on for the event. Went full soft on the rear sway bar. The car would still step out a bit under throttle.

Alignment:  We did a quick alignment on the car. The steering wheel was off a bit. With a set of borrowed Smart Strings from DG-Spec, we set a little toe out in the front, and close to 0 toe in the rear. Did not measure camber or caster.

Exhaust: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca has noise restrictions. Out of the 26 or so cars in the first session, only 6 cars were UNDER the 90 dB limit. So we all had to pay attention to the noise limits.

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