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Oct 26, 2018

HGT Sequential Gearbox R32 GT-R

HGT Precision Sequential transmission - R32 GT-R
Here is another sequential transmission option for Nissan Skyline GT-R's, this one from HGT Precision.  Looks like fun.  

HGT Sequential Gearboxes are equally at home on the Street as they are on the Race Track. Rebekca Vernon uses this 700+ rwhp monster on a daily basis and takes their daughter to school. Come Saturday though, its High Boost On, Shift Cut Knob activated and off to the Track-Targa-Drag-Drift playgrounds. On Sunday maybe it's a family cruise on to the shopping mall - such is the versatility. Had so much fun creating this video - Rebekca is a natural in front of the Camera and behind the wheel.
We've got 8 settings on our shifter allowing you to vary the amount of lever throw vs the pull effort required - there's a setting for everyone.
You'll notice the absence of the typical howl heard with most straight cut gearboxes! Whilst our gears are straight cut for super strength and dog engaged for lightening quick shifts; they're Diamond Ground with superior profiles to reduce the noise and heat. When combined with 6th gear options of 1:1 or Overdrive, you've got the perfect gearbox.
Our 4WD version is coming soon, so we'll have the Nissan R32/33/34 market covered for both 2 & 4WD. We've got bolt up solutions for the RX7, Supra, Nissan S13/14/15, and many other popular street cars. Check out the list we have on the following link:…/6-speed/sequential-6-speed/Race or Street; HGT Precision probably has a sequential gearbox solution that's right for your setup. There's more info at #hgtprecision #sequentialgearbox #sequentialtransmission #dogbox#gearbox #R32 #nissan #RB #GTR #motorsports #RB29 #timeatack#dragracing #drifting #circuitracing #streetlife #wtac #SCCA #billetcase #RX7#2JZ #Supra #SR20 #S14 #S15 #S13 #R33 #R34 #13Bturbo

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