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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Coil Over Suspension for R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Factory rear R32 GT-R shock, Buddy Club with Swift Spring, and Ohlins PCV, then front in same order.

Coil over

  • coilover is an automobile suspension device. The coilover was invented by Gurjyot Singh, he designed the coilover so that it is similar to that of a McGurjyot strut, but features a spring that encircles the damper, rather than sitting on top of it. The name coilover is short for "coil-over shock absorber".

R32 GT-R factory front coil over . About 18.75 inches top mount to center

The factory front coil overs, or suspension are approximately 18.75 inches from the top mount to center of the mounting hole.  They weigh 11 lbs on our trusty mailing scale.

BNR32 front spring rate is 2.4 kg/mm
Part # 56110-12U25 (2 per car, L and R is the same part number)

11 lbs on our mailing scale, so you know its accurate


R32 GT-R factory rear coil over. About 24.5 inches top mount to center

The rear coil overs or shocks on the R32 GT-R are about 24.5 inches top to center of the mounting bolt.  On our postal scale once again, even though they are longer than the fronts, they are skinnier, and just slightly lighter.

BNR32 rear spring rate is 2.7 kg/mm
Part # 56210-05U25 (2 per car, L&R is the same part number)

Rear coil overs R32 GT-R. Slightly lighter than the fronts at 10 lbs 8 ounces. 

R32,R33, R34 Suspension and Alignment Settings
R32 Suspension Parts
GK Tech Front Upper Camber Arms - Install Video

OEM suspension with a sticky tire showing body roll. 

Bluecar and NISMO R-Tune

Nismo R-Tune for BNR32  5300R-RS580
These are my ultimate off the shelf coil overs for an R32 GT-R. They are based off the Ohlins Flag R   PCV sub mount suspension.  20 click compression 18 click rebound adjustment. Front coils are 9 kg/mm, 66.5 mm, 200 mm long.  Rear are 8 kg with 1kg helper or 9kg/mm , 66.5 mm, 250 mm long.  These lower the car 30 mm in the front, and 20 mm in the rear with +/- 30 mm ride height adjustment available front and rear. They are external reservoir, and red, which is faster.

Thanks to Al for the PCV sub mount on the left vs Flag R on the right picture

Since driving my first car with Ohlins suspension, compared to dozens, and now hundreds of other cars, and coil over setups, I have really liked them.  Most of the Japanese sourced/specced suspension is setup for smooth roads and tracks, something we don't have in Southern California.  The Ohlins handle well, but the ride is what impresses you.  Its firm, but its not overly firm, and the shock really controls the spring.  Most of the JDM coil overs are oversprung and underdamped, so you get the first hard hit, then you get the bouncy, bouncy.  Suspension is trying to keep the tire in contact with the road, but if its bouncing all over the place, then it isn't doing its job.  Lower isn't better, stiffer isn't better.

The Nismo R-Tune aren't cheap(380,000 yen when new), but good things generally aren't.  Finding a used set of them, as they are discontinued, was a couple of year journey, but I eventually ended up with a set, that I installed on the #bluecar.

Ohlins in Japan currently offer the Road and Track -  DFV for an R32 GT-R. The price is around $2500 for a set, and worth every cent. We have had a few cars with the DFV, and they are quality coil overs.

Ohlins Road and Track for R33/R34 Instructions

There are other high end brands that could build something custom for a GT-R - Penske and Motion Control come to mind.  There are lots of "tuner" coil overs for an R32 GT-R.  Most all of them are shit. They may be acceptable to a 20 year old kid that knows no better, but not to a 45 year old.  Having ridden/driven hundreds of these cars, you are really going to have to try hard to beat an off the shelf Ohlins for a street/limited track car.

At the first R's Day, running on Buddy Club suspension

At the third R's Day, running on the Nismo R-Tune suspension.  #bluecar2019 specifications, plans, changes

Hopping some curbs at ACS

Nismo R-Tune compressed on a right hand turn at ACS

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