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Jul 6, 2019

The Best R33 Nissan Skyline Memes

R33 boat meme. This is a common theme
The poor R33 seems to get a lot of boat references. We get it, it is a big car.  Longer and wider than the R32. However a bigger car means more room inside.  More of a grand tourer than the R32.

Underneath R32 and R33 are almost exactly the same. Sharing most parts besides the upper suspension mounting points in the front and rear.  Subframe mounting points are slightly different. Same RB26dett. Same transmission. Same transmission crossmember mounting points.  Trust us, lots more similarities than differences between R32 and R33.

R32, R33, R34, R35 length, width, height, wheelbase, track, and weight

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Here are a few more R33 memes we have collected over the years. If you have any more good ones, send them our way!

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