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Jan 16, 2020

Fuel Pump Control Module : FPCM on a Nissan Skyline GT-R

Nissan Skyline GT-R uses a FPCM to slow the fuel pump down at idle or low speeds

The fuel pump control module (FPCM) slows the fuel pump speed down at idle/low speed. It is one of those OEM parts that sound great on paper, but in real life, when they fail, car no go. It provides a ground to the fuel pump and is controlled by the ECU.  The FPCM is a silver ECU box that is located in the interior of the car, in the drivers side quarter panel, beside the rear seat.  Once you remove the rear seat, and remove the interior panel, you will see the module. 

Fuel pump control module R32 GT-R FPCM
Fuel pump control module R32 GT-R FPCM

Modulator - Fuel Pump Control

ECCS Diagram, including fuel pump relay, FPCM, and fuel pump
The fuel pump relay is controlled by the ECU to turn on.  When you key the ignition, the fuel pump should prime for approximately 2 seconds.  Don't confuse the ATTESA pump, and the fuel pump. They both prime at start up, so make sure you actually verify that it is the fuel pump.   The FPCM is also controlled by the ECU, and it slows the fuel pump down at low speeds, to quiet it down. However if it fails, the fuel pump will not run.

Fuel Pump Relay - 25230-C9965

Do you hear the pump? Sometimes it works to remove the gas cap, and listen for pump operation through the filler neck.

R32 GT-R fuel pump control module FPCM wiring diagram

Fuel tank, and fuel pump can be accessed from the trunk. Four 10 mm bolts
The fuel tank, and fuel pump access plate is located in the trunk of an R32 GT-R.

Two wire connector is power and ground for the fuel pump. The three wire connector is for the fuel level sender. 
R32 GT-R fuel pump system trouble diagnosis flowchart
FPCM control signal inspection
Fuel pump voltage inspection
If you are troubleshooting a no start, no fuel pump run situation, it pays to take 12 volts direct to the two wire fuel pump connector, to see if the pump will run.

Internals of the FPCM, or fuel pump control module. 
Fuel pump installation on an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R.

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