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Jul 10, 2015

Fuel Pump Install : Nissan Skyline GT-R : NISMO Pump Into a NISMO

Most of our Nissan Skylines are at least 25 years old. At that age, things wear out, or will eventually wear out. On our NISMO #500, we decided to get preemptive and ordered a NISMO fuel pump to replace the OEM fuel pump. We see it as cheap insurance.  The NISMO pumps are great pumps, drop in, and have low failure rates. Tomei, Nismo, and Apex'i are all similar pumps. Stock R32 is rated at 195 L/hr . Nismo replacement is rated at 276 l/hr. More fuel pump info - Stealth 316.  The single NISMO pump, at OEM voltages is good to about 500 wheel horsepower and 75 psi. Above that you need to start thinking about some complex fuel systems. 

Gas Cap - R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R - 17251-79915
Gas Cap - R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R - 17251-79920

Since fuel vapors are flammable (well duh) always do this in a well ventilated area, keep smoking to a minimum.  Some people pull the fuel pump fuse, or disconnect the pump connector to clear the lines of fuel.  We aren't afraid of fuel. 

The fuel tank access plate in the trunk of an R32 GT-R

The fuel tank access plate in the trunk of an R32 GT-R

Access plate removed. top of the tank is visible

Fuel outlet hose removed

A use for the special tool to remove fuel tank tops. Otherwise you can use a big screwdriver and a hammer

Tank top removed

Center hard line it outlet. Top hard line is return. 25060-05U00

Return and outlet are marked  25060-05U00

Backside of the fuel level sender. 25060-05U00

NISMO fuel pump for BNR32  17042-RR581

NISMO fuel pump in place. OEM pump removed. Notice cradle/sump that an R32 pump sits in. 

Closer shot showing NISMO pump vs OEM pump

Lines connected to NISMO pump, ready to go back in

BNR32 Fuel tank top o ring part number 17342-79900

Top of tank reinstalled. Make sure the fuel sender float doesn't get tangled in the tank lines.  Make sure you don't pinch the o-ring. 

Make sure you don't pinch the o-ring. 

Top reinstalled. Good for another 25 years?

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