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Feb 12, 2020

GTR R32 Power Steering Pump Test Bench From TwoSixEngineering

RB26 R32 Power Steering pump rebuild
Always cool to see guys out there coming up with new products, and new services for these JDM classic cars.   If you have an OEM R32 GT-R pump with Hicas, Two Six Engineering will rebuild your pump, and delete the Hicas section of the pump.

Today I show you a Power Steering Test Bench I have created to make sure every R32 GTR pump I rebuild works before sending it off! 
This modification removes the second HICAS stage on a stock pump. This can give you more room for your turbo set up and help clean up your engine bay when deleting HICAS. 
Check out to pick up your pump, rebuild service or AN Fitting Adapter. 

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