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Apr 9, 2020

Repair Harnesses and Connectors for Nissan Skyline

Inside the dash of a R32 GT-R, with Scotchlocks galore. PLEASE STOP JAPAN, PLEASE!!!

  • Where can I find a repair harness for a Nissan Skyline? 
  • Are Japanese the wiring masters you think they are?
  • What are the most reliable electrical connections?
  • Where can I find replacement connectors for my corner lights?

If you are like most of us, and had the glorious opportunity to work on a DIY type electrical installation on a JDM car, then you have found many things that will leave you scratching your head.  Scotchlocks are a favorite electrical connector, and shortening wires, seems like it may be against the law in Japan.  If you need to fix some of these errors, or have 25 year old connectors that need replacing, we have a few online sources for them. 

This is how most JDM cars look, after I have about an hour with them to unfuck the Scotchlocks. 

This is a Scotchlock, don't use it
This is a Scotchlock, don't use it

The issue I have with Scotchlocks, are they are a very unreliable connection. They rely on the cutter on the inside to pierce two pieces of wire to make an electrical contact. You have a very small area of contact, if at all, plus it can actually cut the wire all the way through. Over time, with any bending motion, it will cut the wire, and you will end up with an intermittent connection. These are horrible. I would rather see wires cut back, twisted together, with electrical tape over them, than these. On a side note, wire nuts, are for home wiring, not for your car. On race cars, it is preferred to use a mechanical connector to connect wires, and heat shrink than solder. The problem with soldering wires isn't the solder connection, but rather the wire leading to and from the connection. They can frey and break over time. Honestly though, you will probably just fine soldering most connections for at least a few years.

Even a solder connection, as experienced by most R32 GT-R owners, can be an unreliable connection at times. We are looking at you- MAF sensors, and window control modules. It is fairly common, on 25 year old cars, to find cracked solder connections on boards. Easy fix, just finding them is the issue.

Sources for Nissan wiring harness connectors

Techmate is the OEM Nissan supplier for replacement connectors/pigtails in the US. Not every connector is here. You need to know some numbers to be able to get the right connector.

NZ EFI Nissan wiring harness connectors

NZ EFI have a ton of common Nissan connectors available, and have to support some of my fellow countrymen.

EFI Solutions in Australia also have a number of electrical connections for Nissan available.

Wiring Specialties in the US produce complete replacement harnesses for the engine, coils, and more.

This is one of my electrical boxes, with spare fuses, relays, and other repair parts

This is a fuel pump hotwire harness for an R32 GT-R from PPR

This is an amplifier bypass connector for an R32 GT-R.  

Headlight switch connector repair harness

The OEM headlights power does not run through a relay. The connector often burns out. 

R32 GT-R front corner light connectors

The front corner light, the orange signal light in an R32 GT-R has a unique connector

The front corner lights are retained by a single screw into a thin piece of plastic, and a ball clip. If the light gets loose, it will often remove it self from the car, violently. This normally takes the car side of the harness connector with it.  Its just a small 2 conductor connector, but its a no longer available part. So you need to go back and see if you can find that broken up orange corner light, or hope that it stayed on the car.  If not your choices are a $70 part from a connector place, or you can just use spade terminals on it. Not the most elegant solution, but its a solution. 

Wiring Specialties R32 GTR Turn Signal Connector Female (harness side) -R32TRNSG-F

Two different connectors on the seatbelt connections. Early and middle R32 GT-R

The DoLuck coil harness, included a direct power relay to the battery. 
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