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May 4, 2021

Oil Filters for RB26 Engine 3/4-16 and M20 x 1.5

Midnight Purple R33 GT-R and Bensopra R35 GT-R

Had an interesting thing come up recently, an R33 GT-R owner said that the normal RB26 oil filters that I have used on cars for many years, was not working on his car.  Of course over time, you never know what a car has or doesn't have OEM, or changed. My first thought is that something was changed.  The OEM GT-R oil filters are all 3/4-16

The Pitwork parts are:

Pitwork Part # AY100-NS005 originally when I got my car. I purchased WIX 51361 oil filter and that seemed to not fit correctly and would fall out, perhaps the thread or/and the depth is different.
The oil filters that would fit on some RB26 engines that the WIX 51361 won’t work with. Here’s my findings.

Service Champ OF4622, WIX 51365, and Premium Guard PG4612. 
Other alternative as suggested (not Verified)
Fram PH6607 (Discontinued), Pennzoil PZ-37, Quaker State QS14612, Valvoline VO-106.
Which is odd. The AY100-NS005 is a 3/4-16 thread according to everything I am looking up. Its always possible that a car has a different oil filter adaptor, or oil cooler adaptor on it. In 25 or 30 years, anything can happen. 


Oil Filter -

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