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May 5, 2021

Oil Filter Shootout from Motor Trend and Engine Masters

Oil filter shootout - Motor Trend Engine Masters

The guys from Engine Masters test a big group of oil filters everything from the much hated Fram filters, to billet filters, and no filters at all. They note the gallons per minute flow, and the oil pressure for each filter during a dyno pull.  You have to be subscribed for the content, but there is a ton of great content. $upport good content online

They like the K&N Gold filter, which I normally use on the RB engines. The HP-2008 which is getting sort of scarce in the world. 

  • K & N HP-2008  (discontinued)
      • 3/4-16 thread
      • 4.280 inches height (108 mm)
      • 3.120 OD (79 mm)
      • Anti drainback valve
    • Replaced by the K & N HP-1002
      • 3/4-16 thread
      • 3.75 inches height (95 mm)
      • 3 inches OD (76mm)
      • Anti drainback valve

HP-2008 oil filter

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