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Jul 12, 2021

How to remove a stuck rear wiper nut on a Nissan Skyline

R32 GT-R rear wiper

We had an R32 GT-R that we needed to replace the rear window molding. On the R32 GT-R, the molding has a tendency to shrink at the corners after 20 or 30 years of exposure to the elements.  Sounds like an easy task, just replace the molding. However like many easy tasks, they can become more complicated given one rusted nut. 

Nut cut off the wiper motor on an R32 GT-R

Some people like to remove the rear wiper for whatever reason they like to remove the rear wiper.   The Nismo version of the R32 GT-R, didn't have a rear wiper.  The wiper was also optional on the R33 GT-R. 

The guys were trying to remove the nut, and it did not want to come free. All those years of exposure, had about fused them together.  The issue of course, is that this piece of metal, passes through a piece of glass. So anything you do, if you aren't careful can break the glass. We did have the Ryobi rotary cutting tool, aka Dremel, but of course I couldn't find any of the cutting wheels for it. 

Since there was a decent chance of it breaking, I wanted to do it. If it broke on anyone, I wanted it to be me. I started with a metal disk, it worked, but it was a bit slow. I tried cutting all around the nut. At a point I thought I might just try and cut through the washer, but that wasn't the best idea.  I was going to try and section it, but it didn't work out.   

Then I went to some grinding bits, and that was doing something, but not enough.  I finally ended up on the abrasive cutting disks, and 3 of those later, the nut was in a few pieces. I didn't completely trash the threads on the motor, so that may be salvageable. 

I was going to try and section the nut, so the nut didn't have to be cut off in the car. This was more complicated

So if I have to do this again, its the Ryobi rotary cutter/Dremel, and abrasive cutting wheels. I think just the heat from some of the grinding/cutting probably helped free everything a bit. Its just because this goes though glass, a lot of conventional ways of removing a well and stuck rusted bolt are just a bit more risky. 

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